Miniature photoelectric sensors

Oct. 30, 2009

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces ML8 Series Miniature PCB Photoelectric Sensors. Available with 30-mm or 50-mm detection ranges, ML8 PCB sensors provide consistent, reliable printed circuit board detection regardless of holes, indentations and components on the circuit board, while delivering more precise detection of board edges by virtue of customized light beam patterns. These sensors come with factory-optimized settings that eliminate the need for sensitivity adjustments for true plug-and-play set-up, while eliminating erroneous and unauthorized sensitivity adjustments.

ML8 sensors are available in convergent mode with a narrow sensing strip for "better" optical performance, and background suppression mode with an array of two or three light spots for "best" optical performance. Because the light spot(s) are more than 80% narrower than comparable diffuse-mode models, it is possible to precisely identify the edge of a PCB so its position is more accurately known. The technology behind the ML8 PCB series also enables a sharp sensing range cut-off, so that even reflective mirror-like machine panels behind the PCB are ignored.

The compact 23 mm x 31 mm x 11 mm housing fits into tight confines.  An additional status LED that is visible when the sensor is mounted looking upward to see objects passing overhead. It has enhanced ambient light protection that is critical for upward facing photoelectric sensors. This allows ML8 PCB sensors to ignore the effects of overhead lighting, even from high frequency fluorescent sources.

In addition to PCB detection in semiconductor applications, they are well suited for use in solar industry applications, as well as packaging and material-handling applications where thin, irregular targets such as CDs or flat pouches must be reliably detected.