PowerXpress HART Field Device

Sept. 22, 2009
Fast, Safe HART Device Configuration

The PowerXpress Model H100USB HART field device power supply kit reduces multiple device connections, and simplifies the wiring process for quick, easy, safe and reliable device communication. It works with existing handheld or PC-based configuration software tools. This innovative solution to connecting and powering a HART-enabled device facilitates device configuration, adjustment or troubleshooting and works with all 24-VDC instrumentation.

PowerXpress supplies 24-VDC power to two-wire devices using a USB connection or a 110/220-VAC power adapter (included). It simplifies modem, handheld and digital multimeter connections and reduces device configuration and commissioning time. It powers all 4-20mA, two-wire HART-enabled devices and reads mA directly without breaking the loop. PowerXpress works with all HART-enabled devices.

The PowerXpress power solution kit includes a precision internal load resister, milliamp tap to allow direct measurement of mA, over-current protection, mini-grabbers for quick, reliable device connection, adapter kit for modem and handheld connection, 110/220VAC USB power adapter, power-on indicator LED, 2-meter USB power cable, reusable storage case and instruction manual.