Advantech, Industrial Automation Group's line of managed Ethernet switches

Aug. 12, 2008
Ethernet switches have integrated 100Mbps fiber optic ports


EKI-7554MI, EKI-7554SI, EKI-7559MI and EKI-7559SI managed industrial Ethernet switches have integrated 100 Mbps fiber optic ports and offer advanced control for optimum network performance and security, along with rapid self-healing fiber optic ring capabilities that ensure network uptime in adverse environments. EKI-7554MI and EKI-7554SI offer four 10/100Base-TX ports and two 100Base-FX fiber ports, while the EKI-7559MI and EKI-7559SI offer eight 10/100Base-TX ports and two 100Base-FX fiber ports. All models are equipped with SC type optical fiber connections, and are available in multi-mode (MI models) and single-mode (SI models) fiber configurations.

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