Opto 22's SNAP TEX Line of Mounting and Wiring Accessories for SNAP PAC System

July 1, 2008
Family includes terminal extender cables, breakout boards. wiring harnesses, DIN-rail kits, jumper straps and rack adapters


SNAP TEX family of mounting and wiring accessories includes a variety of terminal extender cables, breakout boards, wiring harnesses, DIN-rail kits, jumper straps, rack adapters and other components for mounting and wiring Opto22 automation, control and I/O systems. SNAP TEX cables, six-feet-long, jacketed, pre-wired cables provide bundled connections from analog and digital I/O modules to field devices, terminal strips and breakout boards. Three versions of SNAP TEX cables are available, with variations based on the internal bus connections required by the application. Users can choose from cables with even-numbered terminals commoned, odd-numbered terminals commoned or with wiring straight through. The SNAP-TEX-32 breakout board is a 32-channel board with straight-through connections, designed primarily for use with the aforementioned SNAP TEX cables and SNAP analog and digital I/O. SNAP-TEX-FB16-H and SNAP-TEX FB16-L breakout boards offer 16-channel terminations and provide a fuse and a fuse-blown indicator for each channel. With the use of an external power supply, these breakout boards also bus power to loads. The SNAP-TEX-F16-H facilitates 120-240 volts, and the SNAP-TEX-F16-L works with 12-24 volts. These breakout boards are used for digital inputs and outputs. Other boards and products join this family of mounting and wiring accessories.