Honeywell, Wood Group offer turbine control solution

May 22, 2008

Honeywell is expanding its relationship with energy products and services leader Wood Group Turbine Control Services to offer a turbine control system for the global power industry. The Turbine Control System, in conjunction with the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), is an integrated solution containing technology from both Honeywell and Wood Group that automates power plants to improve operator efficiency and safety, reduce maintenance costs and streamline overall production.

Honeywell and Wood Group have worked together in North America since 2003 to deliver an automated turbine control system that meets the evolving needs of the power-generation industry. The two companies have used their domain expertise and global reach to develop this joint solution to improve business performance for power generators worldwide.

Honeywell's turbine control technology ties together process control and automation of plant subsystems and feeds the most relevant information directly to operators to help them make critical decisions in the control room. Combining these capabilities with Wood Group's expertise, the Honeywell Turbine Control System provides a single, unified platform to control boiler, turbine and balance-of-plant operations.

 “More power-generation companies are upgrading their older control systems because they are becoming increasingly harder to maintain and simply don't meet the demands of today's marketplace,” said Gary Schwartz, managing director of Wood Group Turbine Control Services. “Power plants are discovering that tight integration between systems such as boilers and turbines is essential to improve overall system operations and, therefore, business results.”