National Instruments' C Series Modules for Data Logging

May 6, 2008
Modules perform vibration/acoustical data logging


Four new C series modules for data logging applications perform vibration/acoustical data logging and in-vehicle, structural, temperature and pressure testing. The USB-9219, USB-9229 and USB-9239 provide USB, bus-powered connectivity to the C Series while the 9234 AC/DC-coupled dynamic signal acquisition module offers selectable IEPE signal conditioning for engineers measuring high-accuracy audio frequency. C Series combines signal conditioning, direct sensor connectivity and data acquisition into a small module for each measurement type that can be inserted into any C Series chassis to create a variety of systems. There are more than 40 C Series modules available for different measurements including thermocouple, voltage, RTD, current, resistance, strain, digital (TTL and other), accelerometers and microphones.