Opto 22

March 2, 2007
New 16- and 32-channel modules reduce I/O system costs and panel space requirements

Opto 22 has added five new higher density I/O modules to its broad family of SNAP I/O for the SNAP PAC system—the 32-channel SNAP-AIMA-32 current input module, the 32-channel SNAP-AIV-32 voltage input module, and the 16-channel SNAP-IAC-16, SNAP-IAC-A-16, and SNAP-IDC-16 digital input modules.

The increased density of each of these new modules—in some cases, up to eight times greater than that of standard four-channel SNAP modules—reduces the system cost of applications in which they're deployed by up to 400 percent, while also reducing the required panel space for those applications.

These new I/O modules are used to connect to and communicate with sensors, actuators, instrumentation, and equipment in industrial applications involving digital on/off control or the monitoring and acquisition of analog temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and other types of data.

"These newest higher-density SNAP I/O modules are ideal for OEMs and other customers who've expressed a need for consolidating a large number of I/O points in smaller or confined spaces," states Mark Engman, Opto 22 President and CEO.

The SNAP-AIMA-32 provides 32 channels of -20 mA to +20 mA analog current input. The module can also be scaled for use anywhere within this operating range. The SNAP-AIMA-32 is transformer isolated and, like all Opto 22 SNAP modules, is optically isolated from the equipment and devices it connects to, as well as from other modules that may reside on a shared I/O rack. The module offers +/- 25,000 counts of resolution and accuracy of 0.05% (10 microamps).

The SNAP-AIV-32 provides 32 channels of analog voltage input. Each channel can be configured for -5 to +5 VDC or -10 to +10 VDC operation or scaled for use anywhere within these operating ranges. The module offers +/- 25,000 counts of resolution and accuracy of 0.05%, 5 mV at 10 VDC or 2.5 mV at 5 VDC.

The SNAP-IAC-16 and SNAP-IAC-A-16 digital input modules each offer 16 points of input with channel-to-channel isolation. These modules can be used to sense on/off status for 90--140 VAC (SNAP-IAC-16) or 180--280 VAC (SNAP-IAC-A-16).

The SNAP-IDC-16 digital input module provides 16 points of input with channel-to-channel isolation. The module can be used to sense on/off status in the 10--32 VDC range.

The new modules are available March 1, 2007 and are priced as follows:

SNAP-AIMA-32 - $995 USD

SNAP-AIV-32 - $995 USD

SNAP-IAC-16 - $182 USD

SNAP-IAC-A - 16 $182 USD

SNAP-IDC-16 - $182 USD