April 25, 2006
Integrated EtherCAT runs on application level
EtherCAT Application
ProMaster EtherCAT application connects a controller-based PLC as the EtherCAT master with three EtherCAT slaves, and has an interface that makes changing fieldbuses quick and easy. In addition to two drives, an external device is also integrated into the system. Parameterization and configuration takes the place of programming universally through all levels of the machine from the perspective of the engineer. EtherCAT integrates and connects the IT network and the Internet with a fast real-time Ethernet solution for machine communication. Three EtherCAT slaves (could also be drive- or controller-based variants) are connected: one b maXX 4000, one I/O bus coupler and one position sensor from TR-Elektronik. EtherCAT emulates the CANopen device profile via CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE).