March 21, 2005
Remotely re-settable electronic circuit breaker
Re-settable Circuit Breaker SystemThe ESS20 remotely re-settable electronic circuit breaker system eliminates the need for a plant electrician or technician to open a control panel and push the manual reset button to resume protection. After the source of the fault is cleared, the circuit breaker remotely resets, and production resumes. It provides selective circuit protection of DIN-rail factory automation equipment connected to switch-mode power supplies, components such as sensors, actuators, field bus couplers and controls. Prices start at $30. Remote Reset Minimizes Costly DowntimeIn the event of an overload, the ESS20-1 electronically shuts down the circuit. The fault condition can be quickly identified because the ESS20-1 can communicate with a logic controller or factory control software. The unit is equipped with a manual push-button, which when activated, turns off the unit by means of physical isolation. This is useful when shutting down machinery or for measurement purposes. A version is available without remote resettability, where physical isolation will occur each time there is an overload or short circuit.Current Limiting Electronics Limit Disruption
The ESS20-1 circuit breaker prevents an overload in a single circuit from shutting down its 24V DC switch-mode power supply, which may interrupt power to multiple circuits and factory components. The ESS20-1 electronically limits the maximum amount of current drawn from the power supply to no more than 1.8 times the set rated current of the breaker, allowing the breaker to trip without causing the power supply to shut down.Standard thermal-magnetic circuit breakers lack this ability, and therefore require a higher-than-ideal current rating in order to open the circuit before the power supply shuts down. The current rating is selectable from 1A to 6A. Fault status is communicated via LED and a signal sent to a logic controller or factory software, so that the production line or process can be safely shut down in the event of an overload.Easy, Flexible InstallationWith a width of only 12.5 mm, the slim ESS20-1 circuit breaker snap-mounts in E-T-A's Module 17plus DIN rail mounting power distribution system. Each Module 17plus unit accommodates two ESS20-1s. Any number of modules may be placed side-by-side on a standard DIN-rail and connected via bus bar to create a custom system. Because the ESS20-1 circuit breaker snaps easily into the module, wiring time is significantly reduced compared to alternative solutions. All electrical connections -- such as supply feed, load outputs, and signals -- are made by means of user-friendly spring-loaded terminals.