Sept. 23, 2005
Achieve high network uptime with industrial Ethernet solution
Industrial Ethernet SolutionsIndustrial Ethernet solutions enable users to address network design issues including determinism, traffic management, recovery from network faults, and integrity of the physical infrastructure. The Ethernet product line can outfit customers with most of the elements needed for the design and deployment of industrial Ethernet networks, and includes Ethernet switches, media and protocol converters, electrical and optical Ethernet cables (both patch and network cables), cable entry systems, connection modules, breakout cables, cable testers, Ethernet outlets, connection sockets, front plate interfaces, markers, RJ45 dust caps, couplers, plugs, installation flanges, Class 2 approved 24V DC power supplies, Ethernet OVP modules, and installation tool kits. In addition to a full range of infrastructure components, the company provides each customer with a set of network design and installation guidelines as an added resource for the design and ongoing integrity of newly deployed industrial Ethernet networks.