Aug. 5, 2005
OPC condition-based monitoring reduces maintenance costs
Capture Event-relative Historical Data
For control engineers who must capture event-related process data, trouble-shooting, sequence of events, analysis and reporting, OPC Vigilant records high frequency data both before and after a detected event. Unlike typical process historian solutions that use static data insertion rates, MatrikonOPC Vigilant records high frequency real-time event-relevant data and transfers it to the Enterprise Process Historian for long-term storage and analysis.
  • Complement the Enterprise Process Historian solution by capturing only the event-relevant high-speed data;
  • Standards-based system adheres to the OPC DA (Data Access) and HDA (Historical Data Access) specifications
  • Capture process data with millisecond resolution
  • Configurable recording times before and after specified events ensure all necessary data is captured
  • Zero-maintenance system due to static buffer size

Configure Vigilant to recognize the process behavior that defines a trip event with the powerful Vigilant Event Capture Engine. By monitoring key process variables, Vigilant recognizes when a process is outside operating parameters.