Elpro Technologies

July 25, 2005
Wireless Profibus DP

Wireless Profibus DP
The 905U-G-PR provides wireless extension of Profibus DP LANs with secure Firewall isolation and security data encryption. The wireless Profibus extenders are available with both Profibus Master and Slave functionality, connect to a Profibus DP LAN at full bus speed of 12 Mb/sec, and can transmit more than 20 miles line-of-sight, or up to one mile in a congested plant or factory environment.

With an advanced event reporting peer-to-peer wireless protocol, the Wireless Profibus extenders maintain fast data transfer with networking flexibility. The 905U-G-PR provides the following features:

  • Extend a central Profibus LAN to multiple remote Profibus devices 
  • Link separate Profibus LAN's
  • Form multiple Profibus slave devices into a wireless LAN without the need for a Profibus master
  • Provide Firewall and encryption security for Profibus extensions.

Because the 905U-G-PR units form part of Elpro's Wireless Information Backbone (WIB), the Wireless Profibus units can also communicate directly to other data buses.

Hence a Profibus DP LAN can now connect to a DeviceNet LAN, or a Modbus Plus LAN, or an Ethernet LAN, or all at the same time. Different automation lines in factories can be transparently linked, without installing wires, reliably and securely. Up to 95 wireless gateway units, each with its own independent data bus interface, can communicate securely in an efficient peer-to-peer network.