June 16, 2005
Point to multi-point wireless systems

Multi-Point Wireless Solution
Multi-point wireless system allows up to 60 field transmitters to communicate with one to four receiver base radios. The system is available with 4-20mA, pressure, and temperature inputs, simple contact closures, and can be ordered as battery powered, AC or DC powered, explosion-proof, or DIN-rail mountable. All process variable inputs are available through Modbus RTU. A receiver (base radio) unit and antenna is also included. Features include a range of up to 3000 feet with no line of sight, frequency hopping spread spectrum technology, license free 902-928 MHz ISM band, factory or user adjustable transmit power from 1mW to 1W, glass dome for maximum RF signal transmission and visual inspection of status LEDs, and two ¾" NPT hubs for connection to temperature or pressure sensors.

Contact Information
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