MYNAH Technologies

June 12, 2005
Ethernet/IP for DeltaV Virtual IO module

Ethernet/IP Driver
Ethernet/IP Driver allows Ethernet integration from DeltaV controllers to PLCs and other plant floor devices that use Ethernet/IP communications. MIM-4207, DeltaV Virtual IO Module with IOD-4102, Ethernet/IP Scanner Driver for DeltaV VIM supports the following communications:

  1. Class 3 UCMM (unconnected) messaging – Encapsulated DF1 to PLC5, SLC and ControlLogix devices. These messages are initiated from the VIM, in a command /response format. For PLC5 and SLC devices, the VIM reads/writes the configured native tables directly. For Logix devices, user must create PLC5/SLC table mapping to Logix Controller Tags. This is done using Rockwell's RS-Logix software when programming the Logix device. 
  2. Class 1 Implicit IO messaging The VIM communicates with ControlLogix devices using the generic 1756-ENBT format. Generic 1756-ENBT modules are configured in the I/O configuration section of the Logix device. Each ENBT corresponds to a VIM dataset.
  3. A special build of this driver is also available for the Mettler-Toledo Q.Impact  Material Measurement System.