Wieland Electric

April 26, 2005
I/O buscoupler module uses standard HTTP server
I/O Ethernet Buscoupler Module
DIN/panel mount Ethernet buscoupler module utilizes Modbus TCP/IP for data transfer between controller and sensor level devices. DIN rail or panel mounted, the buscoupler consists of a base module for the fieldbus interface and diagnostics. The Ethernet module offers the benefits of Modbus TCP/IP while maintaining diagnostic and wiring features of the standard buscoupler. The buscoupler has a data transmission rate of 10Mbit/100Mbit offering a flexible connection via a CAT5 twisted pair cable. An RJ45 socket is provided for fast 10/100 base T4 connections. The module's IP address can be conveniently set utilizing Boot-P and the keypad. On-board diagnostics allow functions such as force, trigger and lock to be preformed locally without tapping into the PC or PLC host. Diagnostics may also be displayed through an embedded webpage utilizingthe HTML format.

The Ethernet Ricos module offers all of the standard features seen in Wieland's ricos line, including: test points provided at each I/O terminal, color keyed marking to eliminate incorrect wiring, spring clamp terminals supplied in the open position to cut installation time and automatic recording of the last 20 I/O changes of all outputs, as well as configurable I/O points. In addition to the Ethernet modules, Wieland's ricos series of remote I/O for fieldbus systems supports DeviceNet, CANopen, ProfibusDP and Interbus-S protocols and are ideal for materials handling, packaging, process and control applications.