Moore Industries Intl.'s NET Concentrator System

Aug. 16, 2004
Net Concentrator Goes Modbus
Data Links to Harsh Environments
NET Concentrator System (NCS) Process Control and Distributed I/O Network is now available with MODBUS RTU (RS-485) communication capabilities. MODBUS RTU is one of the most widely used network protocols; implemented by dozens of vendors to transfer multiple monitoring and control signals between the field and control room on one digital communications link. With this addition, the NCS is now able to use twisted wire pair, Ethernet, wireless (RF), fiber, and telephone modem data links to send monitoring and control signals over rugged, long-distance, normally impassable, and hazardous environments. The NCS provides exceptional 20-bit measurement resolution and data rates up to 100 megabits per second for precise real-time readings or control. Moore Industries: