General Monitors' Toxic Gas Monitor

July 9, 2004
Intelligent toxic gas monitor
Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector
TS4000, a microprocessor-based transmitter designed to monitor toxic gases or oxygen deficiency and provide status indication and alarm outputs. The TS4000 offers long-distance remote mounting up to 2,000 ft., dual-redundant MODBUS communications, 8-amp relays, three-digit display, 4-20mA output, and indication of remaining sensor life. The interface module's galvanically isolated, intrinsically safe design supports sensor field replacement without special tools or hot work permits. The detiector features one-person calibration and can virtually self-calibrate by activating a magnetic switch and applying gas. It is suited for chemical, oil/gas, wastewater and other hazardous environments. Additional applications include public utilities, refineries, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage. The TS4000 utilizes an intelligent microprocessor-based design in an explosion-proof housing. This 24 VDC-powered toxic gas detector is comprised of a base unit, sensor housing with interface module and electrochemical sensor. The interface module processes information at the sensor site and communicates detected gas values to the base unit for data control and display.General Monitors: 800-330-9161;