Servomex Modbus Converts to Other Fieldbus Protocols

Aug. 20, 2004
Modbus added to gas analyzer platform
Servomex has equipped its 4000C platform of gas analyzers with Modbus communications. This benefits customers by improving the ease with which the analyzers can be integrated within plants, so reducing installation costs. For those not yet using a fieldbus, the Modbus-ready 4000C analyzers provide a future-proof platform capable of transmitting signals over distances of up to 0.6mile (1km). Three series of gas analyzer are built on the 4000C platform: the 4100 is a gas purity analyzer for producers and users of industrial gases; the 4200 analyzes flammable gas samples for producers and users of industrial gases; and the 4900 is for continuous monitoring of emissions. All three families of analyzer already have an RS232 communications port, and now they also benefit from an RS485 port that is user-configurable for Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU.  Third party converters are available to convert the Modbus signals to a number of other standards.Servomex: