Belden data acquisition and transmission devices

Sept. 9, 2022

Belden has released a number of data acquisition and transmission solutions for Q3 2022. Among them are DataTuff Fiber Optic Renewable Grade Cables, FiberExpress ECX Single Cassette Holders, Gel-Free Fiber Optic Cables, RemoteIP Cables, Lumberg Automation M8/M12 Field-Attachable Connectors with IDC Termination. 

Belden DataTuff Fiber Optic Renewable Grade Cables feature a robust, industrial-grade design to withstand renewable energy applications. Belden FiberExpress ECX Single Cassette Holders are durable metal fiber patch panels that hold one ECX fiber cassette to host fiber connections in small, tight spaces and reduce the network’s footprint. Belden Gel-Free Fiber Optic Cables speed up installation time, support a cleaner installation and reduce implementation costs with a compact, rugged design. Belden RemoteIP Cables supply data and power to remote IP devices up to 215 m away, reducing costs and maximizing square footage. Lumberg Automation M8/M12 Field-Attachable Connectors with IDC Termination are compact, ruggedized and easy to install featuring quick termination. Their performance and reliability ensure dependable visibility and control to reduce maintenance costs, boost safety, improve efficiency and decrease downtime.