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Live from Schneider Innovation Talks: 2021 Foxboro & Triconex User Groups

Sept. 14, 2021

Headlines from Tuesday, Sept. 14

Automation dilemma or opportunity?

Nathalie Marcotte and Michael Martinez have decades of experience in the industrial automation space. They kickstarted this week’s Innovation Talks event for users of Schneider Electric's Foxboro process automation systems and Triconex safety systems, revealing their enthusiasm for the future of automation. Read more.

EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS goes above and beyond

To provide Industry 4.0 capabilities securely, Schneider Electric released its EcoStruxure Automation Expert software in 2020. Michael Martinez, EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS leader, presented a session explaining the benefits of coupling an EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS with  EcoStruxure Automation Expert softwareRead more.

Schneider Electric to take I/O to the edge

Schneider Electric unveiled new plans for the EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS input/output (I/O) subsystems, including the 2022 launch of Edge I/O. "Edge I/O is basically denser and group-isolated, while the FBM 247 and FBM 248 are channel-isolated,” Thad Frost, EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS technical leader, explained the new offering during this week's Innovation Talks. Read more.

Safety View optimizes alarms, bypasses

Schneider Electric's Chris Stogner led a discussion about the company's Safety View technology for bypass and critical alarm management. Stogner demonstrated how to use the platform to perform common operations and was joined by colleague Diana Ivanov, who explained the technology's systematic capability and cybersecurity features. Read more.

 Headlines from Wednesday, Sept. 15

HIP-PetroHemija soars with Schneider Electric automation

Despite their achievements, operators, engineers and managers running HIP-PetroHemija's ethylene unit have dealt mainly with manually controlled equipment installed in the 1970s. Here's how they worked with Schneider Electric to upgrade the facility. Read more.

The modern way to manage remote assets

Stephen Beadle, program manager for Schneider Electric’s Process Automation business, explained the new ways Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert open-software platform empowers remote working, including enhanced mapping capabilities and alarm management. Read more.

Advisory software elevates maintenance

Schneider Electric's Manoj Chandrasekharan explained how to realize operational savings through improved throughput and uptime; reduced maintenance effort; reduced health, safety and environmental risk; and improved organizational effectiveness provided by EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor. Read more.

Boost your turbomachinery performance

Secure Remote Access for TMC Services is a new Schneider Electric tool that allows customers to connect to an asset in a secure way and troubleshoot problems remotely. Schneider Electric's Matt Henderson and Hector Buchelly explained the benefits in detail at this week's Innovation Talks. Read more.

 Headlines from Thursday, Sept. 16

The people, process and technology of cybersecurity

In 2020, ransomware attacks grew by 435% compared to the previous year. To better understand cybersecurity best practices, Schneider Electric's Dee Kimata, George McElhoe, John Fowler, Marlene Ladendorff and Nasir Mundh discussed three main pillars of an effective cybersecurity programRead more.

Updates coming for ISA84 technical reports

Schneider Electric's Farshad Hendi and Phillips 66's Muthiah Nagappan spoke about two new technical reports: ISA TR84.00.02, Safety Integrity Level Verification of Safety Instrumented Function, and ISA TR84.00.05, Guidance on the Identification of Safety Instrumented Functions in Burner Managements SystemsRead more.

Helping operators better manage chaos—or avoid it altogether

Lucas Pellegrin, EcoStruxure Power and Process execution leader at Schneider Electric, explained how the company's EcoStruxure Power and Process solutions help operating companies recover faster from unplanned downtime and avoid future trips to ensure better uptime. Read more.

The power of analytics: Unlocking new ways of working

In order to properly unlock the full power of industrial analytics and usher in maximum process performance improvements, we must change our mindsets to consider analytics not a destination but rather an enabling factor on a journey toward working better. Schneider Electric's Elias Panasuik explained how to think about analytics in the scope of a project. Read more.

From Bluetooth to 4G: Transforming how we capture, share and use sensor data

Schneider Electric's Gerrit Buntink explained how advances in wireless technology—including the company’s ultra-low power 4G LTE Data Logger, Instrumentation Area Network (IAN) and cloud servers—deliver data in more cost-effective, secure and evolved waysRead more.

Schneider Electric spearheads drive to universal, open automation

Recent OPAF and IEC 61499 developments were detailed by Trevor Cusworth and two other Schneider Electric experts, who discussed the overall OPAF vision, the journey to it, and Schneider Electric's role in it: Universal Automation. Read more.

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