On Demand Presentations

The Fundamentals Lecture Series is a library on-demand presentations on a broad range of topics related to process instrumentation and control. Slides plus audio voice-over, along with downloadable support documents, provide an engaging platform for knowledge acquisition. Browse the library and register to view the programs that are of interest to you.


Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement in Hydrocarbon Applications 

Learn about ultrasonic clamp-on flow metering in the Petro-Chemical Industry in this webinar sponsored by FLEXIM.  Topics include the basics of the technology, where to use these meters, specific parameters needed for hydrocarbon measurement and specific examples of the applications in use in the industry. Watch the presentation >>


CG1511 Fundamentals1Practical Steps for Starting a Proactive Maintenance Program

This ondemand presentation discusses the three pillars to a successful maintenance program, Start-up, Technology selection and Data management; and reviews the criticality dilemma along with suggested solutions.
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CG1511 Fundamentals3Dynamic Level Control Fundamentals

Why do we need to know more about level control? In this Fundamentals presentation our Subject Matter Expert Greg McMillan walks you through the the basics; from common measurement and control problems through common process dynamics, tuning solutions and parameters.
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CG1511 Fundamentals4Overfill Spill Prevention in Tank Farms

It is safe to say that thousands of filing, emptying, and transferring operations go on each month in these tank farms or maybe even each day. Most all are done safely but some result in overfills, which have led in a few case to major incidents. This presentation, by W. L. Mostia, an expert with over 40 years of experience in the process industries (specifically petrochemical operating companies) explains the steps to take to avoid costly overfills.
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CG1511 Fundamentals5A New Look at Automation Project Execution

In this presentation, VP of Content for Control and Control Design Keith Larson takes a new look at automation project execution, including key strategies for risk reduction and how to stay current with automation technology developments.
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CG1511 Fundamentals6HMI for Intelligent Work Processing

This presentation, by Charlie Gifford, GM and Advanced Manufacturing Consultant, discusses the data collection process for manufacturing intelligence, and explores how to build operations and BI KPI knowledge for shop floor understanding.
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CG1511 Fundamentals7Functional Safety: Device Selection Criteria

This presentation by celebrated safety system expert Dr. William M. Goble, principal partner, exida, clearly describes how functional safety devices can be selected, justified and documented.
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CG1511 Fundamentals8Flow Research Webinar-Coriolis 2014

This presentation by flowmeter technology and application expert Jesse Yoder, president, Flow Research, describes the strengths and weaknesses of Coriolis flow meters, how to decide whether or not to use a Coriolis meter, and if so, what type is most appropriate for your application.
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