Four smart tubes for precise measurement of high flows

April 15, 2023

Promass Q Coriolis flowmeters alleviate concerns of inaccuracies with their four-tube technology, while measuring with minimal pressure loss over a wide range of flow rates. The line recently welcomed new additions, which make them available for larger pipes than ever before—up to 10 inches (DN 250)—for measuring flow rates up to 18,900 bph (2,400 t/h) in high-precision metering for custody transfer, fiscal metering, master metering as a reference device for onsite verification, and more.In addition to mass and volumetric flow, Promass Q also records process density and temperature. This enables incorporation of fluctuating process and ambient conditions into flow measurement, with appropriate compensation, helping achieve tight error bands of ±0.05% for mass flow and ±0.2 kg/m³ for density.

In general, four-tube technology pushes the boundary for Coriolis flowmeters by reliably measuring 25% greater flow rates and enabling faster transactions in the oil and gas business. Four-tube also reduces pressure loss while pumping and measuring because of the increased cross-sectional flow area relative to line size. This provides further cost savings because operators can use smaller pumps, which consume less energy relative to overall volumetric output. The lower pressure loss also alleviates harmful cavitation effects and gas break out, for example, in exceptionally light hydrocarbons, such as liquefied petroleum gases, natural gas liquids, condensates and other cryogenic fluids.

Robust and compact

Promass Q flowmeters are available in stainless-steel and IP66/67-rated materials, ensuring robust and long-term operation, even in harsh conditions, such as offshore areas with high humidity and salt spray. Promass Q is rated for process temperatures ranging from -321 °F (-196 °C) to 401 °F (205 °C), with the low-end making Promass Q meters an ideal choice for measuring cryogenic fluids.

With SIL ratings in compliance with IEC 61508, Promass Q is also suitable for safety-related applications. And its numerous hazardous area approvals, such as ATEX, IECEx, and CSA, further expand its list of potential applications. Promass Q’s compact design is reported to be unparalleled relative to its flow measurement capacity, enabling installation in confined spaces, such as on stationary or mobile skids for custody transfer.

For example, testing highlights of Promass Q reportedly include:

  • Best measuring accuracy of ±0.05% o.r., which was tested and confirmed in various external, accredited oil and gas calibration facilities;
  • Outstanding density measuring accuracy of ±0.2 kg/m³ (±0.0002 g/cm³), which was certified by H&D Fitzgerald/UK;
  • Best turndown and zero-point stability in the industry;
  • Excellent measuring performance for liquids with microbubbles thanks to patented Multi-Frequency Technology;
  • Lowest pressure loss compared to conventional devices with the same line size;
  • Exceptional repeatability of ±0.025% across the measuring range; and  
  • Highest immunity to fluctuating process and ambient conditions, such as pressure, temperature and vibration.