Smaller, lighter, standardized Coriolis—and transmitter with retrofit adapter

March 28, 2024

Micro Motion G-Series compact, dual-tube, Coriolis, mass flow and density meters offer the same quality and reliability as standard designs, but in a much smaller and lighter form factor. Compared to traditional volumetric flow meters, they provide direct mass flow measurement, immunity of process temperature/pressure changes, and advanced process and health diagnostics. G-Series is accompanied by the Micro Motion 4700 Coriolis transmitter, which combine to provide an ideal solution for chemical and other applications.

G-Series is available with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), Safety Integrity Level SIL 2 and SIL 3 certifications, and meets NAMUR NE 132 guidelines. Hygienic models will be available in the first half of 2024 for food and beverage, life sciences and other applications, where 3-A or European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) certifications are required.

To serve in confined spaces, G-Series has a face-to-face dimension of less than 12 in. for the 1-in. line-size model. Six lines sizes are available from ¼ in. to 3 in.

Connection to host systems is available via a combination of discrete and 4-20mA HART signals, or via digital connections, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology, and power over Ethernet (PoE), including Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP or Profinet. Each digital connection enables two-way communications of data, including process variables, diagnostics, status, configuration and calibration.

The 4700 transmitter has a retrofit adapter to replace legacy transmitters. Once installed, it automatically interfaces with the existing flowmeter, adding capabilities just as if it were a new application. This transmitter is compatible with all Micro Motion Elite (CMF and CMFS), F-Series, H-Series, R-Series, T-Series, HPC-Series, and G-Series.

The 4700 adds new capabilities, including optional Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communications at up to 50 feet (15 meters) between the transmitter and Emerson’s AMS Device Configurator. This lets users configure the meter, access Smart Meter Verification diagnostics, and access process information. AMS Device Configurator also lets users quickly locate and identify transmitters, and perform configuration, device status, and diagnostic tasks. This improves reliability because transmitters no longer need to be opened for access, protecting them from environmental exposure.

The transmitter has three configurable wired I/O channels to provide connectivity options, including 4-20mA HART, frequency output, discrete output and input, and Modbus RS-485.