Plastic, magnetic flowmeter with lightweight PVC body and titanium electrodes

March 29, 2024

GF 2581 FlowtraMag is a full-bore, plastic, inline-style, magnetic flowmeter designed for simple, reliable, high-accuracy flow measurement in short pipe runs. With reduced straight-run requirements, 2581 is reported to be ideal for effluent lines, wellheads and skids. Its PVC body with titanium or Hastelloy C electrodes and EPDM and FKM O-rings has no moving parts, while its lightweight, robust construction (up to three times lighter than traditional, metal magmeters) permits vertical and horizontal compact installation without supports. 2581’s all-thermoplastic body also provides superior corrosion resistance for long, low-maintenance service life and no metal contamination. It also provides reliable, accurate measurement for problematic flows, with certified factory calibration to ±1% for reading accuracy and repeatability of ±0.5%. Users can configure and calibrate 2581 using the GF Configuration Tool Bluetooth app.

GF Piping Systems