Flow/no-flow or low-flow sensor/monitor

April 10, 2024

Si5010 flow sensor/monitor from ifm efector reliably detects flows of liquids, gases and some solids with thermal technology that’s ideal for flow/no flow applications, and for very low-flow applications using a low-flow block accessory. Outputs include analog flow representing 0-100% of taught flow rate, and switching outputs for flow and temperature. It improves quality with adequate flow of cooling water, and eliminates maintenance due to jamming and breaking of mechanical flow switches. Si5010 also features 3 ~ 300 cm/s and 200 ~ 3000 cm/s sensing ranges, 18 V ~ 36 V inputs, M18 x 1.5 port size, SPDT-rated switch function, stainless-steel body, and -25 °C ~ 80 °C operating temperature.