Fanless, modular, touch-panel PC

Jan. 30, 2023

TPC-B610 series is an industrial, touch-panel PC system with a 10th-generation Intel processor socket in a fanless design coupled with six USB ports and featuring multiple expansions via one PCIe x16, one PCIe x4, and two M.2 (NVMe, SATA, 5G) for ultimate data and image processing requirements. With its modular design, TPC-B610 can be paired with various IP66-grade, FPM-display panel modules in six different sizes ranging from 15 in. to 23.8 in., as well as FHD, P-cap and resistive-touch versions. The iBMC feature delivers reliable, out-of-band device management, and TPC-B610 adds TPM 2.0 that ensures system integrity.

The modular design of TPC-B610’s modular design lets it be paired with six different IP66-grade displays in P-CAP or resistive-touch types, and ranging in sizes from 15, 15.6, 17, 18.5, 21.5 and 23.8 in. Among these, the 15.6, 21.5 and 23.8 in. models deliver FHD resolution, and represent a highly flexible HMI system adaptable to every application requirement. TPM 2.0 secures confidential data by encrypting hard drives and SSD and comes with Win 11 and RAID 0/1 support, as well as Advantech’s new out-of-band management solution. This is an intelligent, board-management controller, known as an iBMC, which can reduce system downtime via out-of-band management and allows remote power control even when encountering OS failure.