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Product roundup: I/O and terminal blocks with all the trimmings

Dec. 4, 2020
New configurations and designs aid hazardous, testing, safety, remote and power applications
Push-in side wire entry

PTV terminal block series combines side-wire entry with screw-connection reliability, while easy push-in connections enable easier wiring, eliminate the need to bend wires in confined spaces, and allow more prominent marking of the terminal block and wire conductors. PTV features feed-through terminal blocks in three-conductor (-Twin) and four-conductor (-Quattro) packages, as well as PTV disconnect blocks, multi-level blocks and fuse holders. Testing and bridging options are available on each block.

Phoenix Contact

Mix, match hazardous, non-hazardous

LB/FB remote I/O systems connect traditional input and output signals onto a bus network, and support general-purpose or intrinsically safe (IS) applications with modules that can be mixed and matched on the same backplane. LB/FB allow traditional IS barriers to be more easily installed in Division 2 and Zone 1 hazardous areas. They also feature reduced wiring, fewer DCS cards, fewer terminations for reduced installation costs, no need for marshalling panels, reduced control cabinet space needs, and faster commissioning.


Safe disconnect for testing

DPT DIN-rail disconnect terminal blocks enable efficient, safe disconnect and testing of current transformer and voltage transformer circuits, and provide easier access, DIN-rail mounting with no tools, and push-in design to ensure secure connections. To perform direct-test for a single- or three-phase circuit, DPTD6 has a lever on the terminal block to disconnect a de-energized circuit without undoing any wired connections. DPTL6 is similar, but without a disconnect lever for testing.

Dinkle International

Remote I/O with Ethernet/IP

iR series remote I/O is available as an EtherNet/IP network solution, such as iR-ETN, that's updated to include full EtherNet/IP communication support in addition to its existing Modbus TCP/IP support. The .eds file for iR-ETN is available through EasyRemote I/O, which allows its remote I/O solutions to sit on an EtherNet/IP network. With dual Ethernet ports, iR-ETN can support star and line network topologies, keeping with the goal of solution flexibility.

Weintek USA Inc.

More blocks for power 

2600 series PCB terminal blocks for power electronics feature push-in cage clamp connections, while new versions increase pin spacing and double pinning to allow for expanded current capacities and maximize voltage ratings. Options include UL ratings as high as 85 A and up to 1,000 V. All are UL1059 certified for 1,000 V in single-pole configurations. Added factory-assembled spacers allow creation of multi-pole configurations that meet 1,000-V spacing requirements.


Push-in speeds connections

Klippon Connect A-Series push-in terminal blocks from Weidmuller are reported to provide faster installation times and increase productivity. Subsequent modifications and rewiring are enabled by Klippon's simple functional principle and two-sided, spring-loaded mounting foot with no special tools required. Their spring-based, direct insertion guarantees vibration-resistant, gas-tight contacts, even in challenging applications, while large marking surfaces at each contact point simplify circuit allocation.

Digi-Key Electronics

Simpler connections in hazardous areas

Allen-Bradley 1718 Ex I/O are intrinsically safe, distributed I/O modules that provide EtherNet/IP connectivity to field devices in Zone 0 and Zone 1 hazardous areas. They also save space with a chassis-based design with the primary power supply and an optional, redundant power supply. Chassis options and slot sizes let users scale 1718 Ex I/O to meet different system requirements. An ATEX-certified enclosure is required for mounting in ATEX Zone 1 areas.

Rockwell Automation

Reflow-compatible spring clamps

This range of spring-clamp terminal blocks comes in reflow-compatible designs, and offers customization including color sequencing and printing. They feature 2.5 mm to 10 mm centerlines; patented cage-clamp design; no screwdrivers or tools needed; wire-ready open terminal chamber on delivery; consistent connection force provided from spring; automatically adjustable spring for differently sized wires; gas-proof connection at terminal point; available as solderable or pluggable; and meet UL 1059 pull-out force.

Metz Connect USA

Incremental signal analysis

EL51xx series EtherCAT terminals with built-in, incremental signal analysis enable compact, low-cost encoder functions, and analysis of 5 V incremental encoders and their control signals via RS422 and TTL signals. These four I/Os feature eXtreme Fast Control (XFC), allow space-saving and cost-effective analysis by acquiring signals with high frequencies up to 5 MHz, and feature parameterization and integrated functions for optimal control. Each terminal has an integrated sensor supply parameterizable to 5, 12 or 24 V.

Beckhoff Automation
877-TwinCAT (894-6228)

Connects predictive conductors

AAP 11 and 12 modular earth-conductor terminal blocks electrically and mechanically connect copper conductors and their mounting supports. The power terminals with predictive conductor functions comply with IEC 60947-7-2. The AAP system saves space by combining positive and negative potentials; has quick-fuse replacement; colored pusher for potential discrimination in control current distributions from 0 to 800 V; and two cross-connection channels.


Compact with 130 I/O slices

NX Series compact I/O System includes a universal system for EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP. With more than 130 distinct I/O slices and two to 32 points per slice, NX-I/O simplifies configurations. As an integrated platform with digital, sequence, motion, analog, temperature control, load cell, RS232, IO-Link and safety control, NX I/O lets sensors and actuators share data with controllers and enterprise networks. Flexible configurations are made easy with DIN rail mounting and up to 63 NX-I/O slices per node.

Omron Automation

Intelligent I/O gateway

Adam-6700 series intelligent, I/O-integrated gateway performs 24/7 data analysis for equipment monitoring, and has an all-in-one design that simplifies system architectures and reduces costs. It has Linux OS installed, and comes with a built-in, small-footprint, Node-RED graphical toolset for drag-and-drop programming. Adam-6700 also supports commonly used industrial IT/OT interfaces, performs analog and digital data collection in one device, and has a built-in I/O interface that collects analog and digital data.


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