Product roundup: Cables and connectors get jacked

Aug. 28, 2020
New designs, protections, power capacities, press-and-snap assembly and sealings strengthen networks
Jackets protect against hazards 

Quabbin DataMax industrial Ethernet cable jackets withstand hazards that commercial jackets will not. They protect Quabbin Cat5e industrial Ethernet cable, which has a UL PLTC rating for installation cable trays without conduit. With its 22 AWG conductors, the cable has four twisted-pair, 22 AWG solid unshielded conductors. Black or teal jacket colors are available. Quabbin cables comply with TIA 568-C.2 and TIA 1005, and is rated for UL Type CMX Outdoor-CMR, CMX and UL AWM Style 2463 (80 °C, 600V).


Snap-in frames for fast insert assembly 

Heavycon rectangular connectors have added Heavycon MFH snap-in frames for fast assembly of nearly any combination of modular inserts, without tools or accessories. Individual retention clips securely hold each module, so modules can be installed in any sequence, before or after wiring. In addition to traditional crimp-contact inserts, push-in modules offered for requirements between 10 and 40 Amps, accommodating 26-10 AWG wire sizes. Inserts for Cat 5 and Cat 6 Ethernet cable and coaxial are available.


More pin spacing = more current capacity 

2600 Series PCB terminal blocks for power electronics expand their range by adding Push-In Cage Clamp connections. These new versions allow increased pin spacing and double pinning for expanded current capacities, while maximizing voltage ratings. Options include UL ratings as high as 85 A and up to 1,000 V. All 2600 Series PCBs are UL1059 certified for 1,000V in single-pole configurations. Added factory-assembled spacers allow multi-pole configurations that meet 1,000-V spacing requirements.


Terminator design saves time 

DataTuff industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors deliver a fast, simple, universal cable termination solution, and save critical time and total cost of ownership in the field with faster troubleshooting and higher reliability. Their innovative IPC termination design doesn't require pair separation, making REVConnect an ideal solution for bonded-pair Ethernet cables. New team members can now terminate cables at the same speed and accuracy as their experienced counterparts, reducing rework from 10% on average to less than 1%. 

Belden Inc. 
800-BELDEN-1 (235-3361) 

More power, smaller package 

M12 Power connectors for power installations have smaller overall sizes and higher current capacities compared to 7/8-in. connectors. This combination provides more capacity in smaller spaces and lets users realize connectivity solutions that were previously impossible. Compared with Mini-A (7/8-in.,) M12 Power is smaller but, with its special designs handles a maximum of 16 A per pin. M12 Power connectors also consist of four variations that divide the group according to application voltage and use case.

Murrelektronik Inc. 

Jack handles 10 GBPS ethernet 

M12 X-code field-installable jack is suitable for 10 Gbps Ethernet and industrial applications because of its mechanical and electrical stability and robust housing. Special tools are not required, and when plugged in, it's resistant to dirt and humidity up to IP67. M12 X-code jack features Cat 6A cabling; connects via four-pair, 22-26 AWG; is vibration proof (IEC 61076-2-109); shock proof (IEC 61076-2-109); has 360º shielding; and is easy to assemble and reuse.

Metz Connect USA 

Conduit with integrated sealing— and teeth 

Flexicon Ultra one-piece conduit fitting has integrated sealing, and is reported to provide unrivaled performance with fine and coarse pitch conduits. With six all-round teeth to secure the conduit, it offers superior connection strength (pull-off strength of 154 pounds with FPAH21) and dynamic performance. Flexcon Ultra also has tested and proven ingress protection rates of IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69; pre-assembled, ready-to-install, press-in-place, screwdriver-releasable fittings; and standard and custom safety solutions for each application matched to the installation location. 

AFC Cable Systems Inc. 

Blocks latch against vibration 

0183 terminal block series features latch-equipped plugs to ensure a secure connection with the mating socket under vibrating conditions. They're rated at 25A/600V and possess a wire range of 20~10 AWG. The screw thread design of 0183 also draws the wire cage upward to connect the conductor and wire. In addition, the ergonomic orange latch divides the block's wiring into two sections, making the wiring simpler and foolproof. They're also available from 03 to 12 positions with an optional latch.


Low-smoke, halogen-free cordsets 

Extremelife-70 connectorized cordsets and raw cables have added certifications for low-smoke, halogen-free use, in addition to being highly flame retardant, as well as oil, mud, extreme cold and UV resistant. Key features include: global acceptance as highly flame retardant (FT4/IEEE 1202/IEC 60332-3-22) combined with low-smoke (IEC 61034) and halogen free (IEC 60754); offshore (NEK 606, ABS certified) and marine shipboard (IEC 60092/IEEE 1580) approvals; and connectors with IEC Ex and ATEX approvals.


Cable management kits simplify entry 

Cablefix One kits simplify cable entry with a cable management system that features a multi-layered seal design, allowing individual layers to be removed to vary the clamping range of the seals from 3.5mm to 29.5mm. Cablefix One is available in three preconfigured kits to seal four (p/n 606500), seven (p/n 606501) or 10 (p/n 606502) entry points. The system also provides protection up to UL Type 4X, 12, 13 and IP66. These kits also reduce the need for seal configuration and make ordering easier. 


Fast-installation fiber-optics 

Graded Index HCS (GiHCS) 50 and 62.5 µm, high-strength, fiber-optic cables with easy-to-use crimp and cleave LC and ST connectors support fast optical transceivers running at 1,000 Mbps and 10 Gbps in SFP and controller networks. They achieve low loss with attenuation of 1,300 nm ≤ 1.2 dB/km and bandwidth of 1,300 nm ≥ 500 MHz-km, and have a wide operating temperature range of -65 to +125 ºC. No epoxy and no polish allow onsite installations in minutes.


More signals, same connector space 

RockStar ModuPlug modular connector system transfers more signals in the same enclosure dimensions thanks to higher contact density of 36 signal contacts at a rated voltage of 250 V. Up to two Cat6A cables—each with 10 Gbit—can be integrated in one module. Its frames and modules are easily installed and integrated into HDC housings with IP65 and IP68 protection classes. Incorrect connections are avoided with round and rectangular coding. 


Drag chains for cables and conduits 

Murrplastik MP 3000 series cabledrag energy chains offer a complete solution for many fields of operation, including separators and a shelving system to support multiple sized cables and conduits. With proven quality and longevity under extreme constant loads and environmental influences, Murrplastik chains feature compact dimensions with an opening cover in the inside bend, quiet operation, high stability, flexible internal separation, and a self-supporting arrangement, with bias and non-biased links.

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