Top 10 ControlGlobal headlines in February 2020

March 10, 2020
From sizing and installing vortex meters to cybersecurity and edge computing, these were the most-read headlines on during the month of February 2020.

10. Industrial autonomy: The dawn of a new era in the process industries
The process industries have benefited from industrial automation, and will benefit even more with industrial autonomy. The change is happening slowly, but its pace will pick up rapidly with the advancement of enabling technologies. Read more.

9. Edge computing thrives in increasingly capable, embedded servers
Most edge computing happens in the increasingly capable and embedded servers that process and coordinate all the data coming in from sensors, I/O, PLCs and other devices. Here's how the City of Lima, Ohio, utilized an ftServer from Stratus Technologies to help it reduce its discharges to the local Ottawa River to just five per year. Read more.

8. What and where is edge computing?
Digitalization's greatest beneficiary may be the sensors, instruments, analyzers, I/O and other hardware that generate data, but before you can go the edge and process data, you have to define what it is and where. Read more.

7. Can we control artificial intelligence? 
Bela Liptak focuses on how this new tool and its applications are evolving, applying the rules of industrial process control to see if this evolutionary process is controllable. Read more.

6. An open letter to cyber security policy makers—control system cyber security is different than IT and requires an understanding of issues unique to control systems
Cybersecurity policy has been based on preventing attacks against IT data networks. With all of the money and attention paid to IT cybersecurity, it is still far from a solved problem. Meanwhile control system cybersecurity is more than 5-10 years behind IT security with much less management attention and associated funding. Read more.


5. Analog sensors can be hacked and OT network monitoring can't detect it
The vulnerability of analog signal amplifiers was identified by University of Michigan and University of Louisiana-Lafayette researchers in a recent paper. Joe Weiss explains. Read more.

4. Clarifying PID terminology confusion
Experts including Bela Liptak, Greg McMillan and R. Russell Rhinehart offer clarification to a reader confused about PID terminology. Read more.

3. Top 50 automation companies of 2018: Are you ready to rumble?
Is it possible to brace for a recession and forge ahead at the same time? The Top 50 biggest worldwide and North American process control and automation suppliers show how it's done. Read more.

2. 2020 Readers' Choice Awards
Readers rated the top automation vendors in 10 categories and more than 80 subcategories. Here are the results. Read more.

1. Sizing and installing vortex meters
Bela Liptak and other subject matter experts explain how accuracy depends on observing diameter and straight pipe run requirements. Read more.

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