Control's 10 most-read articles of October 2017

Nov. 1, 2017
Among our most-read articles on last month include top content from the 2017 Emerson Exchange users group, ABB's acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions, best practices for a better approach to loop tuning, and more.

1. Saudi Aramco Shell refinery jumps two quartiles in reliability performance

For its efforts the Jubail refinery won the 2017 Emerson Reliability Program of the Year. 'It starts with our vision to safely achieve best-in-class performance, maximizing profitability, with commitment to our people and community. Read more.

2. Patience has rewards: Top 50 automation companies of 2016

The Top 50 worldwide and North American process control and automation suppliers are making slow, consistent gains with help from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). See who made the cut. Read more.

3. DeltaV to improve operations with digital twin, HTML5 HMI

Built as an extension of Emerson's already successful cloud project engineering platform, the company's new DeltaV digital twin delivered through a software-as-a-service subscription model delivers a virtual reference system for customers. Read more.

4. People are the future of automation

To move beyond the incremental gains of automation to the transformational power of digitalization, we need a fresh perspective and a new kind of worker. Read more.

5. Open-source computers arrive for monitoring and control

Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other computers on open-source silicon boards are on the way for do-it-yourself monitoring—and even control. Learn more in September's cover story. Read more.

6. 5 digital transformation competencies

Technology can help transform tasks that are dull, dirty, dangerous and distant to work that is engaging, clean, safe and desirable. Read on for insights from Emerson's Mike Train. Read more.

7. ABB to buy GE Industrial Solutions

GE Industrial Solutions will be integrated into ABB’s Electrification Products division, resulting in a global portfolio and comprehensive offering for North American and global customers. Read more.

8. Ask the experts: controlling fuel gas to a fired heater

Is it always better to control based on flow or pressure? A reader question prompts a discussion on the issue among Béla Lipták and his team, in our latest installment of 'Ask the experts.' Read more.

9. A streamlined approach to loop tuning

In our latest feature, we explore a simplified set of guidelines that combines classic methods with years of practical experience. Read more.

10. The greatest source of process control knowledge

The teachings and writings of thought leader and Control Process Automation Hall of Fame member Greg Shinskey have had a profound effect on many process automation professionals, including Greg McMillan and Sigifredo Nino, who have penned this tribute. Read more.

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