Live from Emerson Global Users Exchange 2017

Sept. 26, 2017
The editors of Control were on site at the 2017 Emerson Global Users Exchange to deliver the latest technologies, insights and intelligence.

Power your collaboration at Emerson Exchange 2017!

Rob Sentz of 3M and Chairman of the Emerson Global Users Exchange will welcomes more than 2,500 delegates from around the world to the 2017 Emerson Global Users Exchange in Minneapolis. Read more.

Emerson leaders Train, Buzbee to address Exchange delegates

The executive leadership of Emerson Automation Solutions will update users on latest developments and initiatives, including the April acquisition of Pentair’s Valve & Controls business for $3.15 billion. Read more.

Headlines from Monday, Oct. 2

People are the future of automation

To move beyond the incremental gains of automation to the transformational power of digitalization, we need a fresh perspective. "Today, gains are smaller, expectations are higher and efficiency is no longer the path to the top quartile." Read more.

A stronger final control foundation

Emerson added a significant piece to its final control portfolio puzzle when it completed its $3 billion acquisition of Pentair's valve control technologies and brands in May 2017. "Final control helps users achieve business impacts. The right valve is foundational to our Operational Certainty efforts." Read more.

 5 digital transformation competencies

"A ton of technology is available, but we must also focus on what it takes to bring that technology to life." Emerson's Peter Zornio discusses the importance of behaviors and cultural change in realizing digital transformation. Read more.

Innovation boosts Safety at Chevron

Chevron Oronite deploys wireless personnel tracker to boost safety and efficiency. The technology keeps track of employees and contractors when in the plant, and aims to reduce the need for them to enter in the first place. Read more.

Monsanto's model for global reliability

With a single facility to supply global production needs, uptime is among the key challenges at the company's dicamba manufacturing facility. "We think the value of these tools occurs when they're fully integrated." Read more.

How to upskill next-generation workers

Stan Shoun, president of Ranken Technical College, explores what's right and wrong with education, and how workforce upskilling remains one of Emerson Automation Solutions' five essential competencies of digital transformation. Read more.

Keys to better boiler control

How can installing redundant instrumentation help to optimize boiler control, thereby reducing energy costs and reducing the risk of a safety incident? The trick is to use the right combination of technologies. Read more.

Turning reliability into ROI

In every industry, time is money. But as Emerson's Doug White explains, chemical and petrochemical producers in particular can pay for improving equipment reliability by reducing costly unscheduled slowdowns and shutdowns—if they invest smartly. Read more.

Buying into IIoT with the risk

When it comes to incorporating IIoT-based technologies, users in the process and automation industries are often left navigating a sea of complexity and cost. But it doesn't have to be so risky. Read more.

How virtualization lowers overhead

Virtualization of process control systems is growing in appeal across industries because it enables optimization of computer resources. For Amgen, it's also reduced failure recovery time by 87 percent. Read more. 

Rethinking transmitter diagnostics

MOL Petrochemical engineers found a better way to prevent impulse pipe plugging on their facility's critical cracked gas compressors. It involved taking a fresh look at the many capabilities of smart device diagnostics. Read more.

Learning a smarter way to train

A Lucite International engineer needed to brush up on his knowledge of control valves quickly before a turnaround, but there was no time or budget to travel for offsite training. What to do? Read more.

Headlines from Tuesday, Oct. 3

BP evaluates clamp-on sensor

Pilot project placed one of Emerson's Rosemount X-well clamp-on, wireless temperature transmitters on a pipe near an existing control thermocouple in a thermowell, and evaluated its performance by comparing it to the thermocouple. How well did it perform? Read more.

Immersive facility speeds training

Emerson's Interactive Plant Environments allow students to enter a simulated plant and execute work orders in a safe environment, where students learn everything from theory of operation to advanced troubleshooting. Read more.


Plantweb conquers new digital worlds

After last year's launch of the digital ecosystem, Plantweb's expanding capabilities are paving the way for connections that interact with digital realms beyond the plant floor. Read more.

Uranium mill tames process alarms

"We've not only reduced alarms in our leaching process by 98.6% from 17,280 in October 2016 to 245 in November 2016, but our operators who used to be faulted for not reacting to alarms can now react to them, and they aren't in a constant flood state." Read more.

DeltaV adds digital twin, HTML5 HMI

Built as an extension of Emerson's already successful cloud project engineering platform, the company's new DeltaV digital twin delivered through a software-as-a-service subscription model delivers a virtual reference system for customers. Read more. 

Collaboration helps cut CNG risks

New compressed natural gas station design reduced financial risks by $1.3 million/outage. Plus, commissioning and startup were executed with on-site support, making the station operational in time for peak demand loads in the winter of 2016. Read more.

10 years of wireless innovation

"Over the past 10 years, industrial wireless combined with smart sensors have provided the foundation that will support cloud-based applications, remote monitoring and other industrial IIoT over the next decade." Read more.

What is a SIL-rated valve?

Carsten Thøgersen explains how to determine SIL suitability for emergency shutdown valves. Read more.

Is your isolation valve smart?

Emerson's Sean Raymond and Mike Hoyme discuss instruments that can make isolation valves operate more reliably. Read more.

Fix level control loop issues

Mark Coughran explores ways to solve tough level control loop problems to smooth plant operations. Read more.

Turn digitalization dreams into success

Emerson's Operational Certainty consulting practice brings together consultants and engineers to help manufacturers achieve digital transformation. Read more.

Domain expertise-based training fast-tracks process engineers

"We are building skids to enable customers to practice specific things on a skid at the facility before performing a configuration or calibration of production devices in the plant," says Tanner Rundall. Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, Oct. 4

Coriolis extends proof test interval

"We met our process requirements for SIL 2 with 2oo3 voting, and we're saving $85,000 per year." LyondellBassell's Sergio Vincencio selected Emerson Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters to improve reactor productivity and SIS performance. Read more.


Saudi refinery boosts reliability

The Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery in Jubail was recognized for the 2017 Reliability Program of the Year this week at Emerson Exchange. But as recently as 2014, their maintenance practices were reactive and backward, confessed Yahya Hamdi, reliability engineer. Read more.

BP finds lasers excel at CEMS

During a 50-day trial, BP's Cherry Point refinery proved the suitability of hybrid quantum cascade and tunable diode laser spectrometers for continuous emissions monitoring. Accuracy, stability and high availability are among the technology's selling points. Read more.


Suncor saves on spare parts

Large, greenfield projects require specification and procurement of thousands of instruments. When procurement is driven by cost, it can be extremely difficult to coordinate and consolidate the selection to reduce lifecycle cost while maximizing safety. Read more.


Valves redefining 'positive' isolation

Closing part of a line with double-positive isolation instead of shutting down an entire process unit or plant is a potentially huge deal. The question is: Can it be done safely and efficiently? Triple-offset valves (TOVs) are making it possible. Read more.


CESMII to advance digitalization

Federally funded institute wants to make advanced technology available for small and medium-size companies. "It promotes reusability of applications, and it shifts software, hardware and system-management risk to the vendor and cloud provider." Read more.

The money in steam-trap failures

Tire-maker turns to Emerson Connected Services to monitor and report on the performance of its steam traps. The subscription agreement avoided upfront capital costs, and energy savings have already turned the effort cash-flow positive. Read more.

Don't let them look away

In a growing world of technology and distractions, Bruce Smith, Emerson's corporate learning and development manager, gives pointers to engage an audience even when presenting online. Read more.

Valve and loop verification 2.0

Recent accidents—and the fact that about half of all safety implementation issues result from faulty or ineffective shutdown valves—have put the spotlight on instrumentation and valve verification. Read more. 

A bottom-up fix for thermowells

Thermowells allow for direct sensor immersion into a process, but in doing so, also introduce a possible leak point and safety concern. Emerson is helping to change that by rethinking temperature measurement altogether. Read more.

Wirelessly monitor gas hazards

A wireless gas sensor innovation for difficult locations helps improve safe operations. Read more. 

Digital transformation steps

How the digital transformation with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing business performance. Read more.

 Headlines from Thursday, Oct. 5

World's first floating LNG plant

How do you squeeze an entire liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant onto an ocean-going vessel? Before Petronas and Emerson Automation Solutions collaborated to commission the PFLNG Satu, no one knew. It had never been done before. Read more.

Five win best-in-conference awards

One of the cornerstone responsibilities of the Emerson Global Users Exchange Board of Directors is to review hundreds of proposed conference session abstracts, coach potential presenters, and select just 20 Best in Conference Award finalists. Read more.

A rational approach to cybersecurity

Gas processor MarkWest Energy Partners used a prioritized, seven-step approach to bring its cybersecurity practices in line with those of its new parent, Marathon Petroleum. An easy-to-follow DHS whitepaper is a great place to start. Read more.

Accurate tank pressure control

Michael Calaway discusses how to better understand the impact of poor pressure control and safe solutions to avoid it. Read more.

Optimize control system execution

Andre DiCiare discusses Electronic Marshalling, and how it flips the order of planning for control system design to allow optimization. Read more.

Reduce downtime during CIP/SIP

Josh Friesz discusses a hygienic pressure transmitter solution for CIP/SIP with enhanced response time and reliability. Read more.

Taking availability to the next level

MOL's Tiszaújváros facility is continuously in search of ways to improve the availability and performance of critical process units. Read more.

A better brew for monitoring fermentation

Andrew Klosinski and his team at the Milwaukee MillerCoors brewery, new discoveries were made when they began searching for a better way to manage fermentation. Read more.

Add conductivity, reduce costs

The results of this relatively simple change were dramatic. One less storage tank was needed for a cost reduction of $500,000 for an 18-month period. They also saw a significant decrease in zero-value liquids and achieved sustainable, repeatable results for storage/treatment system in the future. Read more.

Smart valve positioners brings efficiency

For industries that need to do more diagnostics with fewer people and want better operational outcomes, the cure is the FIELDVUE DVC6200 smart valve positioner. Read more.

Pressure monitoring reaches new heights

Process industries are moving to applications that require higher pressures than ever before. These more challenging applications often operate beyond the pressure limits of conventional pressure instrumentation. Read more.

Headlines from Friday, Oct. 6

Evonik shines light on asset health

Project Lighthouse monitoring and analytics initiative has so far illuminated equipment health at Evonik sites in Alabama, Louisiana and Nebraska. Read more.

Why, when and how to use MPC

Lou Heavner explains when and why to consider model-predictive control (MPC) in your process and the relevant technologies available from Emerson. Read more.

Pinpointing valve vibration failures

Ethanol producer Absolute Energy has been pushing plant capacity through optimization of existing equipment and systems, and preventing unplanned downtime—particularly due to control valve failure—is a key element of that initiative. Read more.


Pressure relief valves

Amr Gado discusses the pressure relief valve system you need to reduce fugitive emissions and maintain a safe operation. Read more.

Wireless boosts safety, uptime

Andarko Petroleum Company faced clogged pump inlets and damaging cavitation. Manual operator rounds weren't able to catch developing problems, and a wired solution was too expensive. Enter a wireless pressure monitoring solution. Read more.

Controlling corrosion

Christiane Lederer discusses how to operate efficiently with the help of Emerson's non-intrusive corrosion monitoring system. Read more.

Smart ops: Where big data meets AI

Technologies that combine deep analytics with artificial intelligence are facilitating a shift from reactive operations management to a more proactive approach capable of preventing costly equipment failures and process disturbances. Read more.

Teaming up on a custom job

Flint Hills Resources collaborated with Emerson on a one-of-a-kind high alloy control valve trim design that not only improved production availability, but also reduced their maintenance costs. Read more.

A breakthrough in burner control

An upstream oil and gas producer is using a new burner control design that incorporates state-of-the-art pressure regulators to respond instantly to changes in pressure, reducing fuel gas usage by 43 percent in the process. Read more.

Valve maintenance in the Arctic

How do you keep critical oil production valves working around the clock in sub-zero temperatures on the Northern Slope of Alaska? Read more.

Optimizing chemical injection in oil & gas

How to avoid over and under chemical injection on producing oil and gas wells and improve operational performance. Read more.

Selecting sensors for safety applications

How to determine the right flow measurement device for the level of risk reduction required. Read more.