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Live from Siemens Automation Summit

July 8, 2016

Siemens steering users through digital transformation

"Digitalization is changing business and software is changing everything," said Klaus Helmrich in his keynote address to the 2016 Siemens Automation Summit. "Digital technologies also are knocking at the door of industry, and helping to make it faster and more efficient." Read more. 

PCS 7 Logic Matrix streamlines process interlocks

Beta testers and collaborators from Dow, DuPont, Air Products and other user companies helped Siemens to develop a new tool that reduces the engineering effort required to generate interlocks and shutdown logic. The tool also helps operators to quickly recognize equipment states. Read more. 

Dow Corning, Siemens prove dollar value of automation

All process control engineers know that automation brings big value to their organizations. The only question has been: How big? Dow Corning's John Wheadon explains how the company worked with Siemens to settle the question once and for all with the Automation Value Index. Read more. 

Control upgrade stabilizes grid in Haiti quake aftermath

Every power plant construction project has its own unique challenges, but few can compare to those faced by Haitian electrical utility E-Power in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake that killed 200,000 people and left another 1.5 million homeless. Read more. 

Siemens recognizes leaders in digitalization

At the 2016 Automation Summit in Las Vegas, Siemens announced winners of its 11th annual Customer Excellence Awards (CEA). Manufacturers recognized for demonstrations of cutting-edge innovation at the Summit included makers of cars, beer and spirits. Read more. 


Prepping Jack Daniel's for its next 150 years 

Members of the Jack Daniel's JD2 project team from Brown-Forman and Cross Integrated System Group pose with Siemens executives at the Siemens Automation Summit 2016. Read more. 

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