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Live from Schneider Connect 2016

May 24, 2016
The editors of Control and Control Design are on site at the 2016 Schneider Electric CONNECT Automation Conference in New Orleans, La., to bring you breaking news, innovations and insights from the event.

Headlines from May 24, 2016

A strategy for success involves innovation at every level

Schneider Electric has customers at every level to support and drive innovation. For example, at the system level, ExxonMobil is driving an initiative to open, simplify and automate the engineering, configuration and commissioning of its systems. → Read more.

Innovations abound in CONNECT Expo Hall

Schneider Electric and its partners show how coordinating process control technologies can optimize users' applications and ensure their success. → Read more.


ExxonMobil commits to thinking differently with electrical integration, configurable I/O

Several years ago, ExxonMobil began its journey to act differently, trying to find ways to improve success. However, acting differently requires the ability first to think differently, and that is a significant change. → Read more. 


SCADA systems harbor untapped data

Black & Veatch representatives shared their insights about water/wastewater trends, leveraging SCADA data and how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the industry. → Read more. 

FLEX investments take aim at engineering costs

Schneider Electric’s FLEX methodology—which encompasses a range of tools, technologies and processes for project execution—is intended to reduce schedule risk as well as overall project costs. → Read more. 

How IIoT can aid assets for CapEx and OpEx savings

Coping with low and volatile oil and gas prices is a devilishly difficult problem, but efficient asset management assisted by new Internet of Things (IoT) tools can be powerful allies in solving it. Luckily, Schneider Electric knows plenty about both. → Read more. 

Headlines from May 25, 2016

10 strategies for cybersecurity success

Because cybersecurity isn't a project that can ever be truly complete, there are two primary strategies for handling it — a 10-step AGGRESSIVE cybersecurity methodology, supplemented by a zones and conduits program. → Read more.

Design alarms and HMI for smooth operations

Evolving requirements for control systems have resulted in new functionality, including shelving and designed suppression in many systems. For example, a new version of alarm management standard ISA18.2 is coming this year as a five-year revalidation. → Read more.

Lifecycle the focus of Foxboro roadmap

Product line developments for the Foxboro brand’s roadmap in I/O, integration, controllers, networks and applications are designed to support today’s plant priorities: connectivity, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and services. → Read more.


Triconex forges process safety’s future 

Chief among Triconex's recent advances are the release of Tricon Version 11, which consists of enhancements to its platform, hardware and software. These include the new Tricon MP3009 main processor, 8210E high-speed chassis and unified communications module. → Read more. 

Redundant PACs bolster PlantStruxure PES

Integration of the Modicon PAC series controllers into its PlantStruxure PES architecture impacts the ability of integrators and users to program, control and enable secure IIoT initiatives. → Read more. 

Headlines from May 26, 2016

PlantStruxure PES securely enabled for the IIoT

The convergence of IT and OT is real. Even at the programming-and-control level, Schneider Electrichas taken the next step in combining the integrated programming environment of a DCS with the flexibility and scalability of a programmable-controller-based system, including an Ethernet-enabled controller that features cybersecure IIoT connectivity. → Read more. 

Redundancy, versatility added to Universal I/O

New Intelligent Marshalling offerings improve flexibility, reliability and efficiency of control and safety system design and operations. → Read more. 

APC conquers long flash furnace lag

The Vale INCO Copper Cliff Smelter in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, sports the western hemisphere’s tallest chimney (380 meters) as well as one of advanced process control’s more interesting challenges: control of slag silica by flash furnace input, with a four to 10-hour lag time. Find out how APC offers the opportunity for better control, allowing the plant to operate closer to specification. → Read more.

Out-of-box solutions for remote SCADA users

Remote SCADA enables monitoring and control of processes in a wide-area infrastructure. The only thing changing as fast as remote SCADA technology and end-user conditions is the array of standards and user requirements that ensure optimal performance and reduce risk. → Read more. 

Schneider Electric recognizes integrator excellence

The global System Integrator Alliance Partner Excellence Awards recognize system integrators who have driven revenue growth, implemented innovative technical solutions and advanced their certifications in Schneider Electric offerings, helping its industrial and infrastructure customers meet critical technical and business challenges. → Read more. 

Drive turns pump into smart, connected asset

The new Altivar Process enclosed drive system from Schneider Electric offers a platform of standard, engineered and special features to meet the needs of commercial, industrial and municipal process applications where high functionality of features is required. → Read more.

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