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Live from Automation Fair 2015

Nov. 16, 2015
The editors of Control and Control Design covered this live event. Get a complete wrap-up of what went on at the show
Implementation latest step in Connected Enterprise evolution

Have you heard about this Industrial Internet of Things thing? Rockwell Automation calls it The Connected Enterprise: enabling an organization to turn data into value that has a positive impact on plant performance and organizational profitability. Read more >>

Empowering industry with on-the-go operational intelligence

Producing relevant, timely, and collaborative support for decision-makers used to be hard, but FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI enterprise manufacturing intelligence software leverages Microsoft Azure to make manufacturing data easily accessible in real time on any mobile device. Read more >>

Connecting company culture to organizational performance

It is difficult to define culture, let alone transform it, but there's a payoff that happens when you make culture a priority: higher employee engagement; increased flexibility and acceptance of change; better ideas, better products and improved customer service. Read more >>

Chemicals Forum: Low gas prices mean opportunity

For downstream process industries like chemicals, today's low oil and natural gas prices are inspiring a number of new expansions, renovations and upgrades. For many, the PlantPAx DCS and other Connected Enterprise technologies provide a viable and forward-looking automation platform. Read more >>

Water Forum: Cutblower energy 10% with VFDs

Tom Jenkins presented a solution proven to recoup a significant portion of budgeted money going to waste: switching out the guide-vanes for controlling air flow with variable-frequency drives (VFDs) instead. Read more >>

Food & Beverage Forum: Customer is king

Consumers are empowered by social media and mobile devices. When an adverse occurrence happens, if you can't get ahead of the message, the message will get ahead of you. Read more >>

Securing industrial controls systems in a connected enterprise

Executives from Shell Global Solutions, AT&T, Microsoft, Cisco and Rockwell Automation discuss the importance of industrial cybersecurity and how new technologies must be leveraged to optimize security. Read more >>

How to monetize the smart machine

Customers have driven machine builders to create a value proposition that differentiates them from competitors by addressing the specific needs of the end user. Read more >>

Power & Energy Forum: Sustainability's ROI

Explore how Hood dairy adopted CHP and Arkansas electric cooperative implemented PEMS to meet modern energy challenges. Read more >>

How the modern DCS truly distributes control

The traditional distributed control system (DCS) is actually a monolithic system, with control distributed across the plant through proprietary networks. The PlantPAx DCS is naturally different, according to Jim Winter, director, global process business, Rockwell Automation. Read more >>

Global OEM Forum: Putting smart technology into action

Reduced maintenance costs, improved serialization, less product loss and better safety are all valuable benefits that machine builders can provide to end users. But how much of that vision is actually being implemented? Read more >>

Life Science Forum: A blueprint for MES

When it comes to breaking down the silos in pharmaceutical manufacturing systems, it pays to let the business objectives guide the decisions. Read more >>

Justifying, defining and creating value with The Connected Enterprise

Executives from General Mills, Mullins Food Products, Andersen Corporation and Rockwell Automation discuss how companies can take advantage of IIoT. Read more >>

How to survive the coming workforce crisis

North American industry faces a predicted shortfall of 875,000 skilled workers by 2020. Surviving this contraction will require accelerated changes in connectivity, culture and community. Read more >>

Solid architecture runs The Connected Enterprise in the real world

The promises of today's virtual clouds and IT-linked businesses may sometimes seem a little hazy, but the next-generation, high-performance Integrated Architecture and components from Rockwell Automation bring these concepts down to earth. Read more >>

E-learning curriculum to address OT/IT skills gap

Customers say engineers and technicians responsible for plant-floor environments are not well prepared. This is all about getting education to the people who need it. Read more >>

Oil & Gas Forum: Primed to exploit enterprise connectivity

Oil and gas facilities are prime candidates to benefit from the competitive advantages of connecting the enterprise. Rockwell Automation enables smart assets in the field and plant-wide. These assets are more intelligent than ever. Read more >>

Automotive Forum: Flexible production systems needed

The automotive industry has more end-to-end connectivity than any other vertical market. This requires a flattened and flexible communication system. Read more >>

See The Connected Enterprise in action

Watch this video to learn how communication among machines, processes, plants and the supply chain creates flexible, productive manufacturing systems. Read more >>

The Connected Enterprise: From vision to implementation

Three core platforms—Integrated Architecture, Intelligent Motor Control and solutions and services—are architected and designed to deliver The Connected Enterprise through solutions that enable faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, improved asset utilization, reduced downtime and increased throughput and quality. Read more >>

Rockwell Automation advances the modern DCS

Last year, we differentiated it by showing how it goes above and beyond the traditional DCS. Now, with release 4.0 coming out in March, 2016, we have made many improvements. Read more >>

Payoffs and trade-offs on Connected Enterprise journey

Who wouldn't want to be part of a safer, more efficient and more profitable enterprise? The vision may be clear, but there are as many paths forward as there are companies setting out to become one. Read more >>

Data analytics still need the human touch

Data is everywhere, and many manufacturers have been collecting it for decades. But what are they doing with it? Can you collect enough data to create an analysis algorithm that replaces the need for human intervention? Read more >>

MPC saves energy at oilseed processing plant

Model predictive control on an oilseed desolventizer/toaster saves more than $150,000 year by reducing steam consumption. Read more >>

Cybersecurity makes The Connected Enterprise possible

One of the key sticking points in moving forward in The Connected Enterprise is cybersecurity, but a lot of collaboration and skills will be needed to make it happen, and none of us can do it alone. Read more >>

Consider a modern DCS for your next project

The distributed control system (DCS) of the future is available today, leveraging open systems and commercial technology to provide value across the industrial enterprise. Read more >>

Get more value from your process instrumentation investments

The integrity of process manufacturing begins with accurate and reliable data from the field. Without it, plant operators and engineers can’t see what’s going on in their processes. Read more >>

GSK combines environmental management with PlantPAx

GSK engineers searched for an effective upgrade solution to bring online without negatively impacting production or regulatory compliance. Read more >>

PlantPAx boosts productivity at Denver wastewater facility

The PlantPAx modern DCS platform streamlined engineering and instrumentation systems, while leveraging mobile technology. Read more >>

PEMEX trusts Rockwell Automation for terminal solutions

Petroleos Mexicanos reports progress on upgrading its 77 distribution terminals with ControlLogix-based automation and Trusted controller-based safety systems. Read more >>

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