Reporting Live from GE's Minds + Machines 2015

Sept. 30, 2015
The editors of Control were on site at both GE's fourth annual Minds + Machines event and the GE 2015 User Summit to bring you the breaking news and insights from this world class event.
Making the Industrial Internet of Things real

Today’s automation equipment holds the potential to provide data that can extend an asset’s useful life, reduce downtime, optimize performance and even turn expenses into new profit sources. All of this can mean millions of dollars in savings and revenue. Read more >>

Thriving in the age of trillions

In this new information age, trillions of devices will be connected and communicating, the very nature of things will change, presenting both enormous challenges and opportunities to industrial companies. To cope, we'll have to develop methodologies that more closely resemble Mother Nature's. Read more >>

GE and friends show how to harness IoT

A team of experts and end users described some of the best ways to think about, understand and take advantage of IoT, and then demonstrated the best practices, IoT-based tools and GE solutions they're using to achieve new levels of asset performance and optimization. Read more >>

The essential tools of industrial data science

"The real purpose of the Internet of Things (IoT) is better outcomes for customers, such as reduced downtime and increased productivity," says Matt Denesuk, chief data science officer, GE Digital. Luckily, GE and its industrial data science teams have been wrestling with these challenges for many years, and are in fine shape to help users tame big data and take advantage of it. Read more >> 

Integration boosts quality and productivity, too

"Integration is the key to quality," began Bob Nelson, plant IT manager at papermaker Appvion, in his Minds + Machines 2015 presentation. "We make better paper because of it." Data is connected in real-time from the company's J.D. Edwards ERP system, through its GE Proficy quality management software, its OSIsoft PI process historian and plant-floor automation and inspection systems. Read more >>

Connectivity and interoperability in real time

Attendees of the Minds + Machines 2015 conference were treated to a host of examples that illustrated the breadth and depth of what connectivity can accomplish for municipalities, businesses, consumers and citizens. Here are the highlights. Read more >>

Software development: Every company's next core competence

It's no longer a world in which business tells development what to make and development just makes it. The computing power available today means developers will discover capabilities and new ideas as they work. Today it's about continuous delivery and that happens when teams are aligned. Read more >>

Digital Twins elevate industrial asset performance

Everyone knows about those evil twins who do bad things behind our backs, but what if you had a good, even angelic better self that worked tirelessly to improve your awareness and performance? That's exactly what GE's Digital Twin program, staff, support software and other tools do for GE's customers and their businesses. Read more >>

Choose the right metrics to power improvement

Duke Medicine's Ted Boyse, together with Matt Fahnestock of Columbia Pipeline Group and Deloitte's John Hagel III discussed the importance of data analytics and metrics at this week's Minds + Machines 2015. Efficiency is the new priority and to be cost effective, informed, creative and daring, the data must be known. Read more >>

Software and people skills enable M+D success

Clint Carter, director of operations and services at Luminant Power, reported that its Power Optimization Center (POC) helps many plants monitor and manage their coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants. Find out how a world-class asset performance relies on the latest software and analytics, bolstered by support services and personal relationships. Read more >>

New tools for the digital industrial workforce

The automation industry faces an unprecedented loss of knowledge over the next decade as seasoned workers retire in droves. Finding a way to retain departing workers' knowledge and provide the training, information and tools is a key driver in the design of digital user experience and the need for changes in culture and management. Read more >>

'Digital thread' unifies discrete manufacturing

Enabling a "digital thread" can help unify discrete manufacturing, but it's tough to get started without proper planning and involvement from all parts of the supply chain. Here's how Mark Tudor, vice president of information technology at Eaton got it done. Read more >>