Control Readers Name the Best Process Automation Suppliers of 2015

Jan. 14, 2015
2015 Control Readers' Choice Award Winners Represent More Than 80 Process Control Software, Hardware and System Categories

The readers of Control have selected the best process automation products and suppliers in the 2015 Control Readers' Choice Awards. As in past years, the class of 2015 is marked by consistent quality, innovation and the hard-won trust of their customers. And while the consistency of years past is evident in this year’s crop of winners, the field has also altered with the growth of new process control product categories and market changes such as Schneider Electric’s acquisition of Invensys in 2014.

For the 2015 Readers' Choice Awards, about 1,000 respondents cast their votes for the suppliers that provided the best process automation products and services in the main disciplines, primary process industries and nine overall product categories and 78 subcategories.

Leading suppliers have been chosen in the following System categories: Continuous Regulatory Control, Safety/Emergency Shutdown, Batch Process Automation, Sequential Logic Control, Sheet/Web Monitoring & Control, and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA).

Preferred suppliers were selected by end users in Chemical Manufacturing, Electric Power Generation, Food & Beverage, Metals, Minerals & Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction, Petroleum Refining, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Plastics & Rubber, Pulp & Paper, and Water & Wastewater Processing.

Providers of the best technology are named for software, including Advanced Process Control, Alarm Management, Asset Management, Calibration Management, Design/Documentation, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), Loop Tuning, Neural Network, OPC Connectivity, PLC Programming, SCADA and Simulation.

You can download the full report from the January issue of Control magazine, including the list of winners, here.

Control and hardware categories include:

  • Annunciator
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Enclosure
  • Industrial Computer
  • Input/Output System
  • Instrument Fittings
  • Intrinsic Safety
  • Loop Controller
  • Operator Interface Terminal
  • Panel Display
  • Portable Calibrator
  • Power Supply
  • Purge System
  • Recorder
  • Remote Terminal Unit
  • Signal Conditioner
  • Terminal Block
  • Vibration Instrumentation
  • Weighing System/Load Cell
  • Wire & Cable
  • Wireless Infrastructure

Winners were picked in instrumentation categories including 10 flowmeter, 14 level instrument, eight temperature or pressure technologies, and seven families of analyzers. And you can see who has the best offerings in final control elements including valves, actuators, motors and variable-speed drives.

If you're procuring new process automation products or services in 2015, then the 2015 Readers' Choice Awards is a resource to keep. You can download the full report from the January issue of Control magazine, including the list of winners, here.

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