Browsing Can Be Fun-and Funny!

July 9, 2009
Comics, Videos and Podcasts. Reading the News Is Entertaining Too!
This article was printed in CONTROL's July 2009 edition.
By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

You know what my favorite part of the newspaper is? The comics section.
Let's be real. The paper does come with in-depth articles that leave you speechless, but what most of us read first are the comics.

If you've been following Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner's ControlTalk, you've seen Ted Williams' cartoons as well. Now you can browse through these "Out of Control" cartoons again. Visit or find the "Out of Control Cartoon" link under our Community tab on our homepage.

My favorite is the one on wireless plant monitoring from October 2007. Don't we all wish we could work from the beach? View this cartoon at

Speaking of ControlTalk, you can also find McMillan and Weiner's columns online. The same community tab where you can access the comics page also has a link to McMillan and Weiner's cyber spot where they take on all manner of process control technology.

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Speaking of technology, don't miss the latest Back to Basics video on termination technology, hosted by our editor in chief Walt Boyes. Visit Back to Basics: Termination Technology to watch this video and learn how to avoid common single points of failures in control system design. Boyes explains that wiring, and especially the connections, is the number one common source of problems for end users. Watch this video now.

However, if you're not in the mood to watch a video, you can always listen to one of our podcasts. Our Control/ARC process automation podcst series channel has many podcasts for you to choose from. Visit and browse the audio files available there.

Listen to the "Practical Process Safety Podcast." This podcast features  Boyes and ARC's Larry O'Brien discussing what appears to be a crisis in process functional safety. Lately, there has been a disturbing number of factory explosions, and managers have lied to the CSB about them. Listen to the podcasts and learn more about Boyes and O'Brien's discussion on this topic.

I've shown you how browsing our site can be fun. How do you browse our site? Send me an e-mail at [email protected] and let me know.

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