Process Analyzer Systems

Dec. 17, 2007
Check our online resources on Process Analyser Systems by Gary Nichols, PE, Jacobs Engineering Group

These are additional online resources we have gathered for you on Process Analyser Systems

  1. PAT Looms over Pharma
    Many Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Have Been Dragging Their Heels on Adopting Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Techniques for Years, but Now the Pressure Is On.
  2. Process Analyzer Resources: Standards, Recommended Practices, Helps
    Web exclusive August 2008
    More Resources for Managing Your Process Analyzer Systems.
  3. When Is It Time to Retire Your PAT System?
    July 2008
    The Answer’s Not as Simple as It Might Appear
  4. PAT System Reliability
    Web exclusive article, July 2008.
    Site-wide analyzer system reliability requirements.
  5. What’s Keeping Process Analyzer Engineers Up at Night?
    February 2008
    NeSSI, Alarms, Wireless, Security and Safety—for a Start
  6. Process Analyzer Reliability, Maintenance & Service
    Web exclusive article, December 2007.
    This is the 7th article of the series. In this article, we shall explore how the ongoing operation and maintenance phase of the analyzer system is anticipated during project engineering and construction.
  7. Process Analyzer System Safety and Ergonomics II
    October 2007
    The job’s not done until safety, ergonomics and constructability are taken into account.
  8. Process Analyzer System Safety and Ergonomics, Part I
    Nichols, Gary D., PE, August 2007
    This article is the sixth in series running in Control over the past several months.
  9. More About Estimating Process Analyzer Projects
    Nichols, Gary D., PE, Control, pp. 63-65, April 2007.
    Gary Nichols concludes his series on the proper design and project management of process analyzer systems, this time addressing estimate accuracy and cost by project stage and work breakdown structure.
  10. Cost estimating for process analyzer projects
    Nichols, Gary D., PE, Control, pp.59-61, March 2007.
    This article addresses cost estimating for capital projects on which an analyzer system is installed, through start-up and commissioning of the project, to the resultant lifetime cost savings that can be gained.
  11. Project roadmaps get you there
    Nichols, Gary D., PE, Control, pp. 47-50, December 2006.
    This article illustrates how correct project engineering documentation deliverables help to eliminate scope changes during concept development and design, and minimize analyzer system lifetime costs.
  12. Accurately scoping process analyzer projects
    Nichols, Gary D., PE,  Control, October 2006, pp. 69-71.
    This article covers the formal details of a project approval scope document, including front-end engineering design, front-end loading, project execution modeling, and independent project analysis.
  13. How to launch a lifecycle reliability program
    Nichols, Gary D., PE, Control, June 2006, pp. 49-53.
    This article describes and quantifies the lifecycle cost impact of typical analyzer system project issues and line items, which, if addressed early in the lifecycle of the project, can result in lifetime cost savings.


Where’s PAT?
Find out what users in the process industries have to say about how and where Process Analyzer Technology (PAT) finds a place in their operations. A recent Control survey indicates that users often first use PAT to help meet regulatory requirements and then find multiple other uses for it. At the same time, in spite of many single instances of PAT technology across an operation, surprisingly few of those surveyed have a systematic, global PAT program in place. To see the complete results of our Marketing Intelligence Report on PAT, watch this video.

See other resources below

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