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November: What’s new this Month on ControlGlobal.com

Nov. 10, 2007
Read the latest on ControlGlobal.com for November 2007
By Katherine Bonfante, managing editor, digital media

The Directory of Lost Companies

ControlGlobal.com introduces The Directory of Lost Companies, our first wiki. Using the list found in the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook (with permission), we have identifi ed more than 200 companies whose
name, ownership or product line has changed significantly over the period from 1990 to 2005.

During this time, the instrumentation, systems and automation industries have undergone significant
change —not just of a technical nature, but in terms of consolidation among instrument and control system
suppliers. The result: Many automation professionals are left wondering what happened to those original companies. Where are they now? Who owns them? What happened to their product lines? Can replacement parts or old manuals still be found? Our wiki can help you learn where these companies stand today.
What exactly is a wiki, you ask. Think of it as a participatory encyclopedia.

We’ve seeded our list of lost companies with what we know about them. You can add what you know about them or about those we’ve missed—including any that have disappeared since 2005—and in the end, we will all know more about these “lost” companies and their products.

Search The Directory of Lost Companies. Add what you know about them at

New to Our Multimedia Library

“Outsourcing.” (videocast)
Control managing editor, Nancy Bartels, says outsourcing is no longer just about sending jobs to low-cost countries. Find out what’s driving process manufacturers to take a look at outsourcing.

“Building Simple Automation Software.” (videocast)
If we can design HMI software to work with Legos, we can surely design automation software that is simple, easy to use and forms building blocks for control systems, says Walt Boyes.

“Safety Instrumented Systems in Process Plants.” (podcast)
Editor in Chief Walt Boyes discusses safety instrumented systems with Charlie Fialkowski of Siemens of ISA’s S84 standards committee and Bill Goble of exida, a renowned global authority on SIS and process safety.

To view these audio and video presentations, visit www.controlglobal.com/voices/podcast_library.html


New White Papers
Nonlinear Control and Decision Making Using Fuzzy Logic in Logix
This white paper explores fuzzy logic and how it helps engineers solve nonlinear control problems commonly found in process applications.

Implementing Automatic Controls Using Data Acquisition Processor Boards
The white paper points out where you can apply DAP technology and where other approaches may be a better fit.

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