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200 Mbit Ethernet Over Powerline Through UPS

Aug. 1, 2007
Aboundi serial entrepreneur Hung Yu, has expanded his product line of Ethernet-over-powerline devices.

Aboundi serial entrepreneur Hung Yu, one of the pioneers of Modbus, has expanded his product line of Ethernet-over-powerline devices (see Control, October 2006, page 98) again. A significant limitation of the previous devices was their inability to be used with UPS power supplies.

“We have broken the market myth regarding the inability to conduct customary networking applications using the existing AC power line infrastructure,” Yu said.

The APL4200 Quad NetBridge provides four shielded MDI/MDIX RJ45 auto-detect Ethernet ports that can be connected to any 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports on PCs and other peripheral devices, such as POS, IP cameras, monitors, serial control servers, etc.  It comes with four high-surge (1750 Joules per port) protected power outlets and has a 10- Ampere over-current circuit short protect that will protect both attached equipment and the UPS source. 

The commercial-quality APL4200 series product comes with either 85Mbps or 200Mbps speed, and provides continuous networking connectivity resilience even during power outages by using the existing UPS system to facilitate network powering support.  It is designed specifically for small-cluster networking applications, such as batch process centers, and can be very easily re-allocated without the need to rewire “home-run” Ethernet drops to such cluster group locations with uninterruptible network operational reliability.

For more information email [email protected], or call 1-603-889-8188.

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