Apprion Updates Wireless Ion System

July 15, 2007
Apprion unveils its next Ion System for industrial application networking, enabling secure, reliable, wireless networks in large process plants.

To enable secure, reliable, wireless networks in large process plants, Apprion has unveiled its next Ion System for industrial application networking. Ion’s latest release reportedly improves security, management and integration capabilities to serve in evolving process manufacturing environments. While the building blocks for a wireless plant exist, Ion reports that wireless systems have remained fragmented, proprietary and difficult to integrate. This makes it difficult for wireless to reach its potential in industrial settings.

To remedy these problems, Apprion’s updated Ion consists of Ionosphere and Ionizers. Ionosphere is an on-site controller that automatically brings devices, systems and applications under management. Ionizer is an industrial wireless networking appliance designed to integrate and secure disparate wireless-enabled applications, such as VoIP and condition monitoring.

Security enhancements to both Ion components help administrators to bring legitimate devices and systems under unified management.

Apprion says Ion also delivers the first interface that gives users perspective from both a geospatial and relational framework. This interface makes photographs, maps or CAD drawings available via a web-based portal, allowing users to record and use information in the form that is most appropriate for their operational responsibilities.

“We’ve already seen a steady improvement in communications by using Ion, which allows us to be more efficient and responsive. For a power plant, this can mean the difference between keeping things running and costly downtime or outages,” says David Runkle, production manager at the Lower Colorado River Authority’s Lost Pines Power Park. “As we expand our use of Ion, we anticipate adding future applications, so LCRA can continue to improve our field workers’ processes, increase business productivity, reduce costs and advance customer service.”