Lessons Learned columns from 1998

Aug. 15, 2007

By Béla Lipták, PE, CONTROL Columnist

My books and articles in the past concentrated on the optimization of existing processes. In order to obtain maximum energy recovery, the various solar collectors described in this series of articles all need to track the sun. The best control algorithm to use is the envelope or herding strategy, which I described in my “Lessons Learned” columns in the January 1998 issue ("Buildings, Bureaucrats, and Brutes,") and November 1998 issue ("Envelope Optimization") of CONTROL magazine.

Buildings, Bureaucrats, and Brutes
CONTROL columnist Béla Lipták, PE, describes a design project for a pretty efficient building: one that heats itself and does not need to pay energy, even when the outside temperature is near freezing.

Envelope Optimization
Using envelope optimization as a tool, the next generation of process control engineers will be able to convert today's technology into a force that will turn a profit and improve the quality of our lives.

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Béla Lipták is an automation and safety consultant and editor of the Instrument and Automation Engineers’ Handbook (IAEH).