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Rick’s Picks of the Web: This month on ControlGlobal.com

Dec. 1, 2006
CONTROL’s Rick Pedraza offers his picks of what’s best on the web. Here’s what's happening this month, December 2006, on ControlGlobal.com, the online resource of CONTROL magazine.
By Rick Pedraza, Managing Editor, Digital Media

The Strongest Link in the Loop

The latest edition of the classic Control Valve Handbook has been released by Fisher Controls and couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. This 295-page resource has been consistently updated for more than 30 years and contains vital information on control valve performance and the latest technologies. The release happens to coincide with the launch of our new Control Valve Technology Library on ControlGlobal.com, where you can come to get one-stop coverage on valve characteristics, performance and selection, as well as information about the operation and application of today’s newest smart valves.

Visitors to the Control Valve Technology Library will find that it covers all aspects of the most important part of any control loop, the control valve, and functions as an invaluable online aid to any instrumentation or plant control engineer. It provides definitions and information for all valve technologies used in process-control applications, and allows you to view online intelligence reports, white papers, articles and technical book abstracts on all things related to valves. This latest update to the Control Valve Handbook, Fourth Edition is a nice addition to our site, as well, and can be viewed or downloaded by going to ControlGlobal.com/controlvalve.html.

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Do You Need Your Data?

OPC specialist Eric Murphy presents important aspects to consider when looking at OPC HDA solutions. Since many companies are beginning to see the value in OPC as their real-time data collection standard, it makes sense they would also want to standardize guaranteed data delivery. Murphy says OPC HDA enables them you do this by offering architectures that not only provide guaranteed data delivery, but also the flexibility in products, vendors and configurations used to achieve it. After all, companies have to be profitable as well as accountable. To read Murphy’s latest online installment of OPC Connection, go to ControlGlobal.com/batch.html.

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Standards for Better, Not Worse!

Maurice Wilkins

The ISA, WBF, MIMOSA, OAGi and OPC recently set up the Manufacturing Interoperability Guideline (MIG) working group to bring harmony to the plethora of standards and guidelines across the manufacturing automation in and around the industry. Control’s Batch Dispatch contributor Maurice Wilkins reports this will help alleviate a difficult situation for users wanting to integrate multiple systems. Wilkins says that as control systems become more and more alike in functionality, the drive to integrate from sensor to boardroom is becoming more of a requirement than a dream. To read more about batch standards, go to ControlGlobal.com/batch.html.

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WHITE PAPERSSecurity Solutions for Network SegmentationThis paper introduces a real-time process performance auditing software solution that focuses on turning data into energy savings for your plant. >> Download Now

Fieldbus Diagnostics Without Fieldbus
This paper investigates alternative technologies to capture diagnostics without replacement of any field devices.

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Rate Your Plan’s Alarm System Performance
Find out how your alarm system compares to the industry standard and learn how to optimize your alarm system for improved process reliability, productivity and safety.

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SPECIAL TO THE WEBAsk the Experts!Ask The Experts is moderated on ControlGlobal.com by noted process control authority and CONTROL columnist Béla Lipták. Lipták either answers the questions himself or brings in one or more experts from his cadre of co-authors that worked with him on the Instrument Engineers’ Handbook, Fourth Edition. Save yourself the hefty consulting fees by getting the answers to your questions. >> Read more

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