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Sept. 7, 2006
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Flowmeter Knowledge Center

How to determine the ratio of gas mixtures
Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question. Find out if they agree on a valid way to determine the ratio of chlorine to total gas mixture.

Correlation flowmeters expand technology
Just when you thought there were more than enough flowmeter technologies, along comes a new kid on the block, presenting new options for gauging and measuring fluid velocity.

Nasty flows require novel flowmeters
A new multi-phase flowmeter from Agar is unique in that it delivers the goods. The flow measurement system provides gauging of oil, water and gas flows simultaneously without completeley separting the phases.

A model-based approach for viscosity control
Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question. Find out how you can develop a model-based approach for viscosity control.

Expanded flow diagnostics cast a wider net
Here’s how to use several methods, such as element status checking, to improve flowmeter availability, increase consistency, and reduce costs in many applications and environments.

On site flow calibration is painful but necessary
Some new product introductions have raised doubt about what in-situ calibration for flowmeters is, and whether it can be duplicated with simulators and calibrators with expanded diagnostics.

Can a cheap flowmeter be good?
Editor in Chief Walt Boyes finds that it isn’t the cost of the device but the durability that engineers are looking for. And it doesn’t have to be accurate, either, as long as it is very repeatable.

Fermilab: Can cheap flowmeters be good?
CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes takes a look at how an anti-matter factory works at one of the largest high energy physics labs in the world, and why flowmeters are critical to the operation of the plant.

The case for valves: Not just open and shut
Precision flow control is ensured with well-specified, well-maintained and precisely-controlled valves, but for the sake of your process, a penny saved may not necessarily be a penny earned.

Analysts say flowmeter sales are growing
In this month's Product Roundup, CONTROL Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt taps into the flowmeter market and discovers that although traditional markets are creeping along, Asian sales are booming.

Fieldbus technology improves flow measurement
As a way to increase reliability and maintain good flow measurements, fieldbus technology provides an opportunity to improve flowmeter performance in a variety of applications.

Ultrasonic flowmeters move Into the mainstream
More than 70 suppliers scramble for end users as ultrasonic flowmeter technology moves out of its traditional niche in the industry.

Trends among the Top 10 flowmeter technologies
From the mystery meter to the meter with a face, users' flowmeter options are being expanded by new developments--and some all-new technologies.

Controlling The Danube
This article provides examples of how flow can be controlled without throttling a control valve or modulating a pump.

Measuring viscosity with Coriolis flowmeters
It can be deduced from the excitation coil current. Since the 1970s, instrument designers have used the principle of Coriolis force to measure mass flow and density with Coriolis flowmeters.

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