Gruhn and Marszal Keynote Safety Conference in Calgary

March 11, 2010

SIL Ratings for Fire & Gas Systems – Are We Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

Paul Gruhn – ICS Triplex

SIL Ratings for Fire & Gas Systems – Are We Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

Paul Gruhn – ICS Triplex

Current standards covering fire and gas systems are prescriptive and focused for commercial applications. Many users believe there is a need for performance based standards for such systems used in industrial applications. However, there is considerable debate whether fire & gas systems should have SIL (Safety Integrity Level) ratings at all. Vendors are naturally interested in promoting certified hardware in order to differentiate their products. Yet considering the differences between safety instrumented systems and fire & gas systems, focusing on the performance of the actual fire & gas hardware alone may be a misleading and questionable practice. This paper reviews a) the differences between safety instrumented systems and fire & gas systems, b) how typical voting of fire & gas sensors not only reduces nuisance trips (which is desirable) but also reduces the likelihood of the system meeting the performance target and actually responding to a true demand (which is not desira ble), and c) why concepts and standards that apply to safety instrumented systems may not be appropriate for fire & gas systems.

The above topic will be presented as the keynote address by Paul Gruhn of ICS Triplex at the upcoming Safety Control Systems Conference in Calgary on May 11-13 2010.

IDC Technologies is proud to host the Canada’s foremost gathering of Safety Industry Professionals. This conference is committed to bringing you the latest information in the area of safety with an impressive selection of local and international speakers lined up.

This conference will focus on the technology and application of safety-related control and instrumentation systems in the chemicals, energy, mining and manufacturing industries. It will examine the complex and challenging issues of using control systems technology to maintain and improve the safety of people and plant whilst ensuring profitability.

We welcome our two keynote speakers Mr Edward Marszal, President of Kenexis Corporation from the USA who is an ISA Fellow and former Director of the ISA Safety Division and safety expert Mr Paul Gruhn, Training Manager at ICS Triplex, ISA contributor/author and household name in the global safety industry. Both Edward and Paul will be presenting a half day pre-conference workshop on the 11th May 2010.

You will also hear from FSE Global, Exida, Fluor, Hinz, ACM Facility Safety, Alberta Oilsands SAGD Project, Stantec Consulting, SNC-Lavalin Inc, Worley Parsons, Combustion Solutions Inc and ABB Canada.

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DAY 1: Tuesday 11th May 2010HALF DAY WORKSHOP 1 – 11th May 2010

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Safety Systems, and Then Some

Presented by Paul Gruhn, ICS Triplex

HALF DAY WORKSHOP 2 – 11th May 2010

Risk-Based Fire and Gas Detection and Suppression System Assessment

Presented by Edward Marszal, Kenexis Consulting DAY 2: Thursday 12th May 2010

Session 1: KEYNOTE SIL Ratings for Fire & Gas Systems – Are We Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

Paul Gruhn - Training Manager, ICS Triplex

Session 2: The Fundamentals of LOPA and their Practical Implementation

Peter Scantlebury - Principal Consultant, FSE Global – Canada

Session 3: Making the Most of Alarms as a Safety Layer of Protection

Todd Stauffer - Director – Alarms Management Services, Exida

Session 4: A Cookbook of SIS Experiences and Tid-Bits in the execution of the Safety Requirements Specification (There's many a slip 'twixt crouch and leap)

Simon Lucchini & Stephen Johnson - Chief Controls Specialist & Principal Process Specialist (Risk), Fluor Canada Ltd

Session 5: Users Need Detailed Reliability Analysis Not Just Numbers

Feng Tao - Project Engineer, Hinz

Session 6: CASE STUDY Fire Detector Coverage Mapping for Improving Existing Systems

Edward Marszal - Principal Engineer, Kenexis

Session 7: Linking Business Operations with Safety Operations – in Real-Time

Murray Macza - General Manager, ACM Facility Safety

Session 8: CASE STUDY Safety Instrumented Systems: Why Not Take Advantage of SIL-Rated Fire Panels?

Foungnigue Coulibaly - Automation Engineer, Alberta Oilsands SAGD ProjectDAY 3: Thursday 13th May 2010

Session 9: Best Practices in SIS Documentation from P&ID through SRS

Edward Marszal - Principal Engineer, Kenexis

Session 10: Comparison of Safety Categories, Performance Levels and SILs for Machine Safety Control Systems

Raj Sohal, Industrial Safety Controls Specialist, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Paul Brzustowski, Team Lead – Industrial Safety Engineering, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Session 11: CASE STUDY Application of SIL principles where the potential for conflict exists for the Functional Safety Engineer

Blair Robichaud - Automation Project Lead, SNC-Lavalin Inc.

Session 12: A Carrot-or-Stick Approach to the Economics of Safety

Stejarel Achimescu-Gulian - Senior Automation Engineer, Worley Parsons Canada

Session 13: Things to Consider when Selecting a Safety Instrumented System

Paul Gruhn - Training Manager, ICS Triplex

Session 14: CASE STUDY IEC 61511 for the Design of Burner Management and Combustion Control Systems

Sean Carron - Engineering Manager, Combustion Solutions Inc.

Session 15: Functional Safety Management Systems for Compliant and Efficient Implementation of Safety Instrumented Systems

Edgar C. Ramirez - Safety Systems Business Driver, ABB Inc.

Session 16: Better Good Than Lucky: Choosing a Personnel Functional Safety Certification Program

Sam Kozma - Managing Director, Exida Canada Ltd

5:00-6:00 – Cocktail Hour - For all attendees to meet and socialise with experts and industry peers at the Safety Control Systems Conference Cocktail Hour.

For Further information on conferences or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sarah Montgomery: [email protected]

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