Honeywell moves aggressively into the Control System Integrator marketplace...with products

May 5, 2009

Last week, Honeywell finally became almost the last of the major automation vendors to become a CSIA Partner Member. Many people, including myself, have advised them not to ignore the burgeoning system integrator market...even though Honeywell itself is one of the world's largest automation system integrators via their iMAC (integrated Main Automation Contractor) program. Honeywell's introduction last month of the new, Experion LS (or Experion Lite) system indicated their willingness to move down channel from the large integration projects they do themselves to the projects that independent system integrators do with less overhead and more cost competitively.

Now, Honeywell has announced another integrator and distributor focused product. They've been making and selling PLCs in Asia for many years under the MasterLogic trade name. Now they've brought the MasterLogic PLC to North America, and further, they've integrated it as a field controller into the Experion LS system.

Here's the release from Honeywell's marketing team:

Product Features Space-Saving, Pocket-Size Units; Powerful CPUs Process Complex Instructions at High Speeds for Greater Control System Flexibility
PHOENIX, May 5, 2009 – Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today announced it is expanding distribution of its MasterLogic line of high-speed, compact programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to worldwide process manufacturers. MasterLogic brings power and robustness to very high-speed logic, interlock and sequencing applications. MasterLogic is sold, delivered and supported by Honeywell’s expansive global organization.

MasterLogic can be deployed in a stand-alone mode without requiring any human machine interface. It is also an additional controller that can be used with Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System architecture and is compatible with Honeywell’s portfolio of process control systems, including the recently released Experion LS. As an additional controller tightly integrated to the control system, MasterLogic can help increase operational efficiency by allowing plants to control multiple processes with just one common operator interface.  In addition, this seamless integration can reduce engineering configuration time by approximately 25 to 35 percent over segregated alternatives.
“Many of our customers see PLCs as cost-effective solutions for very high-speed logic processes, and making those processes are part of the bigger control system allows plants to achieve greater efficiency and greater throughput,” said Tim Sweet, product marketing manager for Honeywell Process Solutions. “The MasterLogic PLC provides the flexibility commonly associated with PLCs and augments it with a global support network and the ability to integrate with the industry’s newest control systems.”

MasterLogic central processing units (CPUs), power supplies, rack sizes and extensive input/output selection are well suited to a large variety of applications. The solution also provides maximum reliability with redundant CPUs, power supplies and networks. Additionally, the compact, pocket-size modules reduce cabinet space requirements.

Engineering the MasterLogic controllers is simple with the flexibility of industry standard IEC-61131-3 programming languages. 

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