Metso Valvcon announces training videos online and on DVD

May 14, 2007
VALVCON ELECTRIC ACTUATOR AND BOARD OPTIONSTRAINING VIDEOS AVAILABLE FREE BOTH ONLINE AND ON DVD NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. (May 14, 2007) - Metso Automation's Valvcon® brand has developed a series of training videos for its most popular actuators and board options that are free and available online or in DVD form.Ranging from two minutes to eight minutes, these fast-loading videos use realistic animations with clearly worded voiceovers to inform the viewer about the capabilities, specifications, and configurations of these versatile products.Available titles include:·         V Series Introduction Video·         V Series Calibration Video·         ADC Series Introduction Video·         ADC Series On/Off Board Introduction Video·         ADC Series On/Off Board Calibration Video·         ADC Series Positioner Board Introduction Video·         ADC Series Positioner Board Calibration Video·         ADC Series Positioner Board w/ Battery Calibration VideoTo view the videos online, visit the Valvcon website at or contact your Valvcon sales representative to obtain all of the Valvcon training videos on a free, single DVD.Valvcon branded products are designed to provide efficient and reliable service in harsh industrial applications. Valvcon innovations include simple set-up and calibration, push button manual control, plug-in accessories and a choice of internal back-up power options for power outage conditions.Valvcon is a leader in the design and manufacture of compact, reliable, electronically controlled electric actuators for quarter-turn valves and dampers.For more information, contact Metso Automation,
44 Bearfoot Road, Northborough, MA 01532
. Phone: 1-508-852-0200. Visit us online at

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