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MatrikonOPC Announces the New Control System Security and OPC Workshop

Aug. 22, 2013
MatrikonOPC announces its new Cyber Security and OPC Workshop as part of its OPCSI certification program for system integrators.

It's about making OPC safer. OPC was never designed to be secure. Much work has been done on OPC to make it more secure, including creating OPC UA. But Industrial Control System managers, engineers and operators need to know how to use the tools OPC has given them. Thus the need for training and certification:

MatrikonOPC Announces the Release of the New Control System Security and OPC Workshop

Edmonton, AB, Aug. 22, 2013 - MatrikonOPC announced today the release of its “Control System Security and OPC” workshop. Given the rapidly-rising rate of industrial cyber incidents, this workshop trains automation professionals on the ”must know” topics that will allow them to properly design and implement secure control networks and OPC architectures. Armed with this knowledge, automation professionals will be better equipped to overcome major internet cyber security (ICS) threats and risks facing their systems.

Based on the successful hands-on training format MatrikonOPC uses in all its courses, this workshop covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of implementing secure OPC architectures. In the workshop students will learn about:

  • Current ICS threats, vulnerabilities and risks,
  • Industry standards and regulations surrounding cyber security,
  • Best practices for secure industrial network architecture, and
  • How to create secure OPC communications. 

“MatrikonOPC strives to help our customers succeed in today’s dynamic operating environment. The new Control System Security and OPC workshop is designed to provide customers with the practical information they need to build a secure OPC architecture to help protect their assets from cyber threats,” said Jeff Gould, general manager, MatrikonOPC.

MatrikonOPC is the world’s leading OPC training and educational resource provider. From its global, multilingual, hands-on OPC workshops to self-directed web based courses, MatrikonOPC has OPC training options to suit industry’s needs. Known for its pragmatic "learn from those who do" approach, MatrikonOPC offers a unique OPC training experience only instructors with onsite OPC project expertise can deliver. As the most recognized OPC Certification program in the industry, MatrikonOPC Training helps graduates take their careers to the next level by distinguishing them as MatrikonOPC Certified Professionals.  

To learn more about the MatrikonOPC Control System Security and OPC Workshop, please visit:

To learn more about the MatrikonOPC SI Certification Program, please visit: http://www.matrikonopc.com/training/workshops/opc-workshops-opcsi-certification.aspx