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Sep 26, 2005

FALCONEER TECHNOLOGIES has joined forces with Intergraph Process, Power & Marine to create an interface between engineering data in SmartPlant P&ID and process information used by Falconeer IV Process Performance Solution. The resulting solution allows engineers and operators to make decisions to optimize a plant's productivity. This real-time process performance monitoring and advising suite works with a wide variety of existing process control systems to increase the value of a plant's information. 

How? Falconeer takes the data from DCS and SCADA systems and adds intelligence to the raw information. The system provides intelligence by using the plant's process knowledge, such as that already captured in SmartPlant, and comprehensively accounts for all process information by concurrently monitoring and alerting at the highest, process-wide level, as well as the individual point level. This helps operators, engineers, and managers to focus on the information that's most critical to optimal costs and operations.

For more information, or to take advantage of a free 2-month pilot license to try this solution for your plant, contact or call Doug Lenz at 716/204-0273.