QSI graphical operator interface used in RAI wind farm project


Jul 03, 2006

QSI Corp., manufacturer of operator interface and mobile data terminals, has been selected by Relay Application Innovation (RAI), provider of electric power system protection, to supply the graphic operator interface terminal for an RAI project involving wind farm electric power protection and integration.






QTERM-G75 is a rugged, Ethernet-enabled graphic terminal using a touch screen to interface with the user.

QSI’s QTERM-G75 touch screen terminal is used to display information about the electrical grid interconnection of the wind farm. RAI provides the engineering expertise to put together the protection and integration system. The system uses a specific QTERM-G75 (model GB272) and programming cable to display information from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) products. The SEL products are designed into the system and programmed by RAI to protect the electrical interconnection and provide data for local and remote operators.

“QSI’s QTERM-G75 human machine interface (HMI) allows a local operator to see real-time data about the interconnection without having to walk near the 34,500 volt switchgear that may require putting on arc-flash resistant clothing,” explains Larry Gross, president of RAI. “Using QSI’s Qlarity object-based programming language, RAI programs the QTERM-G75 to provide a graphical interface for the real-time data as well as a sequential event recorder for reviewing automatic operations after they occur.”

Designing a simple control panel interface or a complete stand-alone application with Qlarity allows you to use pre-defined objects, edit existing objects or author your own objects. Qlarity Foundry, a PC-based design tool, provides a Windows environment for screen creation, application simulation, debugging and downloading to the QTERM-G75 terminal.

The QTERM-G75 is a rugged, Ethernet-enabled graphic terminal using a touch screen to interface with the user. This rugged terminal features a list of industrial-grade hardware features and options, including a 640x480 lighted, TFT color graphic LCD display; 100 Base-T Ethernet with TCP/IP support; touch screen with optional PS/2 keyboard connection; EIA-232, -422 or -485 serial interface; and 8 Mbytes Flash/32 Mbytes RAM.

“QSI is pleased to support RAI in their efforts to promote wind generated power," said Karen Stanley, sales manager for QSI. "Wind generated power will strengthen the nation's economy, environment and energy security."

CLICK HERE to download a QTERM-G75 data sheet.